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CO Proposition 115 - Prohibitions on Late-Term Abortions

Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning prohibiting an abortion when the probable gestational age of the fetus is at least twenty-two weeks, and, in connection therewith, making it a misdemeanor punishable by a fine to perform or attempt to perform a prohibited abortion, except when the abortion is immediately required to save the life of the pregnant woman when her life is physically threatened, but not solely by a psychological or emotional condition; defining terms related to the measure including “probable gestational age” and “abortion,” and excepting from the definition of “abortion” medical procedures relating to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy; specifying that a woman on whom an abortion is performed may not be charged with a crime in relation to a prohibited abortion; and requiring the Colorado medical board to suspend for at least three years the license of a licensee whom the board finds performed or attempted to perform a prohibited abortion?Prohibitions on Late-Term AbortionsThis is an initiated proposal to amend the Colorado Revised Statutes to prohibit an abortion after 22 weeks gestational age of the fetus.Major Provisions:Prohibits abortion after 22 weeks gestational age of the fetus;Allows an abortion after 22 weeks when necessary to save the life of the mother;Provides for a criminal penalty for anyone who performs an illegal abortion; and Suspends for three years the medical license of a physician who performs an illegal abortion. Background:Current Colorado law allows abortion at any time during a pregnancy. Prenatal screening for genetic and structural fetal abnormalities are typically completed before 22 weeks. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion before the fetus is viable. Further regulation comes from the states which may regulate or prohibit abortions after fetal viability. The state law must contain exceptions for pregnancies that endanger the woman's life or health.There are only 6 other states and 5 countries in the world that permit late abortions.________________________________Proposición 115Prohibición de Abortos TardíosEsta es una propuesta por iniciativa para enmendar las Leyes Reformadas de Colorado para prohibir un aborto posterior a la edad gestacional de 22 semanas del feto. Las Provisiones Principales: Prohíbe el aborto después de la edad gestacional de 22 semanas del feto; Permite un aborto después de 22 semanas cuando sea necesario para salvar la vida de la madre; Condena con una pena criminal a cualquier persona que realice un aborto ilegal; y Suspende por tres años la licencia médica de un doctor que realice un aborto ilegal.Trasfondo:La ley actual de Colorado permite un aborto en cualquier momento durante un embarazo. La evaluación prenatal para detectar anomalías fetales genéticas y estructurales se realiza típicamente antes de las 22 semanas. La Corte Suprema de los EE.UU. ha dictado que una mujer tiene el derecho de decidir tener un aborto antes de que el feto sea viable. Las regulaciones adicionales se ejecutan por estados que decidan regular o prohibir abortos después de la viabilidad fetal. La ley del estado debe contener excepciones para embarazos que ponen en peligro la vida y salud de la mujer.Hay solamente 6 otros estados y 5 países en el mundo que permiten abortos tardíos.

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1. This measure places a reasonable restriction on abortion after viability, while still allowing a pregnant woman several months to make a choice about her pregnancy.

2. The measure also provides an exception that allows an abortion after 22 weeks when necessary to save the life of the mother.

3. In no case, can a woman be criminalized or penalized for seeking an abortion if this measure passes. This is a balanced approach with reasonable exceptions to a very personal issue.
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1. This one-size-fits-all measure would hurt real people going through unimaginably complicated personal situations.

2. Decisions around pregnancy are best made by a woman and her family, in consultation with her doctors and in accordance with her faith — not by politicians.

3. This proposal is an intentionally confusing initiative being pushed by many of the same politicians and groups who have repeatedly tried to ban abortion outright in Colorado.