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CO Amendment 77 - Local Voter Approval of Casino Bet Limits and Games

Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution and a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning voter-approved changes to limited gaming, and, in connection therewith, allowing the voters of Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek, for their individual cities, to approve other games in addition to those currently allowed and increase a maximum single bet to any amount; and allowing gaming tax revenue to be used for support services to improve student retention and credential completion by students enrolled in community colleges?Local Voter Approval of Casino Bet Limits and GamesThis proposal is an initiated amendment to the Colorado Constitution and a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning voter approved changes to limited gaming in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek. Major Provisions: Amends the state constitution to provide for local elections in the towns of Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek to revise limits applicable to gaming; Authorizes voters in the above named cities to increase the amount of single bet limits above $100 and to approve additional casino games; and Amends state law regarding casino tax revenue to allow money to go to programs to improve community college student retention and increase credentials completion, in addition to the current supplement for student financial aid and classroom instruction programs.Background: In 2008 Colorado voters approved a change in the state constitution to allow bet limits of $100 on casino gambling in the cities of Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek. They also approved adding the games of roulette and craps to those games which were originally allowed in 1990 (slot machines and the card games of blackjack and poker).Under current law, seventy-eight percent of the tax revenues from gaming is distributed to the state’s public community colleges, junior colleges, and local district colleges to supplement existing state funding for student financial aid and classroom instruction programs. This ballot initiative would expand uses of this revenue to include programs to improve student retention and increase credential completion. ______________________________________________Enmienda 77Aprobación de parte del Electorado Local de Limites sobre Apuestas y Juegos de CasinoEsta propuesta es una enmienda, por iniciativa, con respecto a la Constitución de Colorado, y un cambio a las Reformas de Ley de Colorado con relación a cambios aprobados por el electorado al límite sobre juegos en Central City, Black Hawk, y Cripple Creek.Las Provisiones Principales: Enmendar la constitución del estado a proveer de elecciones locales en los pueblos de Central City, Black Hawk, y Cripple Creek en cuanto a reformas a los limites relacionados a juegos; Autorizar a votantes en dichas ciudades a incrementar los limites sobre apuestas individuales a más de $100 y a aprobar juegos adicionales de casino; y Enmendar la ley estatal relacionada a los impuestos sobre los ingresos de casinos para permitir que el dinero sea destinado a programas para mejorar la retención de estudiantes en centros formativos superiores e incrementar la compleción de credenciales, además de contribuir al suplemento actual de asistencia financiera y programas de instrucción de materia para estudiantes.Trasfondo: En 2008, el electorado de Colorado aprobó un cambio a la constitución estatal para permitir un límite de $100 sobre apuestas en casinos en las ciudades de Central City, Black Hawk y Cripple Creek. También aprobó el aumento de juegos de ruleta y dados adicionalmente a aquellos juegos que fueron originalmente permitidos en 1990 (máquinas tragamonedas y los juegos de cartas: blackjack y póquer).Bajo la ley actual, el setenta y ocho por ciento de los ingresos de impuestos sobre los juegos de azar se distribuye a los centros públicos de educación superior del estado, escuelas de iniciación, y universidades locales de distrito para complementar fondos estatales existentes para la asistencia financiera y programas de instrucción para estudiantes. Esta iniciativa en la papeleta expandiría los usos de estos ingresos para incluir programas que mejoren la retención de estudiantes e incrementen la compleción de credenciales educacionales.

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1.This proposal gives voters in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek the right to approve a maximum single bet of any amount and add games such as Baccarat, but not to alter gaming laws. It gives residents in the three towns the option to hold a local election and decide whether to extend betting limits and games.

2.During the pandemic, unemployment numbers show that Colorado’s three gaming towns, which have built their economies around tourism, have been battered the most. This proposal is an important step to start improving the economies in these towns.

3.The goal of this measure is to boost travel and tourism jobs while providing more tax revenue to increase the graduation rate at community colleges. Millions of dollars are being cut from community college budgets due to the pandemic.
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1. Removing bet limits may result in increased financial problems and pathological addiction for some gamblers who could bet larger amounts of money.

2. Increased gambling in these towns could lead to impacts on other nearby communities, but they do not have a vote in this matter and would not receive compensation to deal with these impacts.

3. Gaming revenue for funding community colleges is an unstable source and is dependent on economic conditions. The benefit of any additional funding to community colleges does not outweigh all the negative aspects of this proposal.