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City of Craig City Council Vacancy Ballot Question 2B

Shall the Home Rule of the City of Craig be amended concerning vacancies on the city council to read in its entirety as follows:Article II, Section 6. Vacancies."A vacancy in the office of a Council member shall exist when a Council member is recalled, dies, become incapacitated, resigns, is convicted of a felony, or ceases to be a resident of the City. In addition, a Council Member shall forfeit his/her office upon failure to attend three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings of the City Council without being excused by the City Council.In case of a vacancy, the remaining Council members shall have ninety days after such a vacancy occurs, a person qualified under Article II, Section 2, of this Charter to fill such vacancy. In the event of a tie vote, the Mayor shall solely select the appropriate nominee to fill the vacant seat. If such vacancy occurs during the first two(2) years of the term, the person appointed by City Council shall serve only until the next municipal general election, at which time the seat shall be filled by election for a two(2) year term. If such vacancy occurs in the last two years of the term, the person appointed by the City Council shall serve the remainder of the vacated term. If three (3) or more vacancies exist simultaneously, the Council may, by ordinance, establish a tw0-year term prior to the general elections to the Council member who received the least amount of voters. Such two (2) term shall not count as a full four-year term as it applies toward term limits under the CO Constitution."

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