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An Act to Protect Tenants

Question D: “An Act to Protect Tenants will cap most annual rent increases to the rate of inflation, incentivize landlords to provide 90-day notice to tenants they are asking to vacate, and create a tenant/landlord board to permit additional rent increases when individual building circumstances warrant, such as major capital improvements. Several types of rental units in the City are exempted from this Act, including: units operated by municipal housing authorities, accessory dwelling units as defined in the City Code, rental units in multi-unit buildings in which there are four (4) or fewer units and the owner of the building occupies one of the units, and accommodations provided in a hospital or religious facility.”What does this Question Mean? Renters make up 60% of Portland and almost 50% of those renters pay more than 30% of their income on rent, the standard for being rent burdened, and a predictor of homelessness. This question seeks to stabilize rents in a tight housing market and volatile economy, prevent price gouging by large landlords, and protect renters’ interest in remaining in their homes.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

* Will keep people in their homes and homelessness rates down

* Promotes the social interest in stable, mixed-income neighborhoods by increasing tenure times

* Will constrain the largest landlords from having a market advantage over smaller landlords who keep rents low

* Will make discrimination against tenants with public vouchers more difficult

* Incentivizes landlords to provide 90-day notice to tenants they are asking to vacate

* Allows rent increases above the costs of inflation through democratic process where tenants have a voice.
* A similar proposal was considered and rejected by Portland voters 3 years ago

* Rent increases are how landlords pay for repairs, and freezing rent would result in less-safe housing

* Property values could stagnate as rents became essentially fixed.

* The tenant/landlord board preempts the court system, and creates extra bureaucracy