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    Kenneth Levinsky

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    Charles Shattuck-Heidorn

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Finance Type I am a finance-free candidate. My focus is solely on what is best for the Portland Water District and its customers. I do not accept contributions nor spend any money running for election; thus I do not put up signs or drop off flyers. I rely on hard work and forums such as this to get the word out. I believe money and politics don't mix well together, and at least at the local level, campaigns should be finance-free.
My priority is to safeguard our valuable resource & maintain the quality of Sebago Lake's drinking water to prevent the need to buy a very expensive filtration system. Part of that is participating in critical work with partner nonprofits and trusts to conserve land and protect the entire Sebago Lake watershed. It also involves helping property owners with lake-scaping ideas to prevent detrimental runoff.

I want to continue to call upon my background in Education, Human Resources and Customer Service to complement the other 10 Trustees who work in business, construction, finance, law etc.

I would appreciate your vote & the opportunity to continue to serve and advocate on behalf of my Portland neighbors and provide PWD customers with quality service and great & affordable water.

60% of my body is water from Sebago Lake and I love to swim in it! From the lake and via the Presumpscot River to Casco Bay I will do my best to protect it all using forward thinking and cost efficient ways
I have been in education many years, the last 14 at Windham High. The Water District's excellent workforce is starting to age & I have advocated for outreach to local schools to make students aware of the very rewarding & varied careers the district offers. I stand in front of my students every day & we talk about their role in the Lake's future.

I have missed just 1 meeting in 11 years, and.was elected to serve as Vice President for 2 terms.. I was Planning Committee chair for many years & volunteer for the scholarship & bottle filling station committees.

Fellow Portland Trustee Kim Rich posted on Facebook:: "I want to add my endorsement of Kenneth Levinsky to serve another term on the Board. I've served with Ken for several years now and find him to be a thoughtful participant in our discussions. His choice questions always seem to me to be "teachable moments" in our meetings; aka the Socratic Method whereby Ken asks a question that makes us think deeper about the issue at hand."
Campaign Phone (978) 660-8970
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Finance Type I bought some paint at Artist & Craftsman Supply to make signs out of some plywood I had from building my chicken coop. I used my garden posts. It came out to about $30.00.
The Portland Water District Trustee is a position that I am very excited to get involved with. Protecting Sebago is a top priority of PWD and I'm interested in staying on that course. I want to make sure that water is kept a public service and as close to free as possible. There are some big hurdles that will be coming up and I think the public should be part of that process.

I hope to bring more public communication and involvement when it comes to the most important resource we have.

One of the major reasons I'm running for Trustee is because I believe there needs to be more vocal union representation on boards like these. I think the board of trustees demographics should represent the population of citizens.

PWD trustee is a 5 year term position that often goes unopposed and I don't think that is what a healthy democracy should have. Folks should always feel like their vote counts no matter the significance of the election.

My name is Charles Shattuck-Heidorn. I live in Deering Center with my wife Dr. Heather Shattuck-Heidorn and our two children. My wife is from Portland area and after graduate school she wanted to come home. We moved here in 2016 and I never imagined how great this city could be.

I attended a Quaker agricultural highschool and my love of conservation and sustainable systems began there. It's also where I learned my sense of community and service. I believe that we all have a responsibility to combat climate change and the harmful effects we have on our cohabitants.

I joined the railroad in 2004 after highschool and have been a conductor for 16 years where I've been an active union member of SMART Local 1400.

I play tabletop games and am pretty good at resource management as well as organizing and running three separate D&D games. (If you know how difficult that can be.)