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Portland City Council District 4

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    Rosemary Mahoney

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    Andrew Zarro

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The top priority I am hearing from voters in District 4 is the need to address the homeless crisis in Portland. While Portlanders are sensitive to the needs of the homeless population, they are simultaneously weary of being the solution for so many other communities in Maine when it comes to addressing their homeless citizens. Portland tax payers cannot sustain this model. Whether the solution lies in turning the matter entirely over to the state or we advocate for a way to access the funds allotted to the communities who send their folks, for them to send their general assistance money too. Which leads to my top priority - appropriate and affordable housing for Portland families. Hi-rise, high-cost condominiums are harmful to communities. They do not attract families with young children. We need affordable family-friendly housing, and we need real opportunities for our younger citizens to realize first time homeownership in their home town.
I am a regular citizen and I believe that I have something to offer my community. I approach the opportunity to run for city council as a show of gratitude to my hometown. I want to be on the front line when a person who felt so compelled to call Portland their home undertakes an effort to make Portland more like where they came from.

A phrase I am fond of saying is "if you want real fiscal responsibility, put a single mother in charge." I'm that single mother. We must clean up our spending habits and establish a reasonable set of priorities for our municipal funds. We need adequate school funding along with reasonable limits on the expectations we put on our schools. We need reasonable, sustainable growth. We need affordable housing for families to grow and prosper. We need reinforcements to our service based tourism economy. We need to make sure that the voice of Portland's neighborhoods are the first and the loudest voices we hear on the council. We need fair wages. Living wages
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Small Business Advocacy: Economic development of today and tomorrow is the triple bottom line — social, environmental and financial impact promoting a local economy that strengthens all of Portland’s neighborhoods and enhances the quality of life for everyone, not just a small few. Our Council needs perspective of our local economy from folks like myself who employ people with a livable wage, healthcare, paid sick leave and security. Diversity & Inclusion: One of the first things I notice in a local government is whether or not the the people who are responsible for governing represent a true cross section of the community. More often than not the answer is no and this can be discouraging for those of us who hold minority identities. Representation matters. Climate Justice: There is no idea too small when it comes to combating climate change. Climate change is the biggest threat to our existence. Portland must lead by example nationally and be a beacon for a greener tomorrow.
I live in Back Cove with my husband TJ and our two dogs. I own Little Woodfords, a coffee shop that successfully operated in Woodfords Corner for almost three years, gaining lots of love from our community. I recently moved the shop to Downtown Portland after the rent was increased beyond what a small business could afford during the COVID19 global pandemic.

I have worked diligently to meet the needs of my community and lead by example. As the former President of the Back Cove Neighborhood Association, I helped push forward the effort to make Portland free of pesticides, promote Aging in Place for our older neighbors, and collaborate with other Associations to create an interconnected Neighborhood Association Committee bringing the organizations closer together.

I believe if you love something, you need to take care of it -- that's why I'm running. It is time for a new perspective, creative ideas and the compassion necessary to look at our neighbors and say "I'm Here for You."