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City of Montrose Delta-Montrose Electric Assoc Ballot Question 2A

Shall the City of Montrose, Colorado approve an ordinance granting a non-exclusive franchise to Delta-Montrose Electric Association, its successors and assigns, to locate, build, construct, reconstruct, replace, modify, upgrade, uprate, relocate, remove, acquire, purchase, extend, maintain, and operate into, within, and through the City of Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado, all facilities necessary for, or related to, the purchase, transmission, and distribution of electricity to the City of Montrose and the residents, businesses and industry of the City of Montrose, by means of lines, wire, cables, fiber, poles, facilities, equipment or otherwise, over, under, along, across, and through any and all streets, alleys, viaducts, bridges, roads, lanes, and other public ways and places in said City of Montrose, and fixing the terms and conditions thereof?

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure