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Germantown School Board, Position 5

The school board sees these as its required functions:1. Policy Oversight: The Board shall develop a policy manual and employ a chief school administrator who shall carry out its policies through the development and implementation administrative procedures. The Board shall regularly evaluate the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation.2. Educational Planning: The Board shall work and work through the Director of Schools to deliver continuous improvement of the educational program.3. Fiscal Planning: The Board shall adopt a budget to provide the necessary funding in terms of buildings, staff, materials and equipment to enable the school system to carry out its functions.4. Vision Development: The Board shall create a vision for the school system and ensure that the vision becomes a reality through the development and regular monitoring of long range plans.5. Promotion: The Board shall keep the local community informed about the school system, its accomplishments, and its actions and build public support for the schools by involving the public in the planning process to the extent possible. The Board shall strive to provide the best educational opportunities possible for all children it serves. The Board shall exercise its powers through the enactment of policies for the organization and operation of the school system. The Board shall delegate the administration of the schools to the director of schools.

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