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Constitutional Amendment A

Proposed Constitutional Amendment ABallot language:This amendment will remove the constitutionally specified limit on the amount ofdebt a municipality can create for sewer projects and would allow the legislatureto prescribe by law the debt limit for municipal sewer projects.Other ballot issues? This is the only Constitutional Amendment proposed by the Legislature for this election.Who may vote: Every Wyoming registered voter.Effect of not voting: A failure to vote on this issue counts as a “no” vote. “Pro” arguments in favor of it:1. The amendment will remove this limit from the Wyoming Constitution andallows the future debt limit to be set by the Legislature.2. The Constitutional limit of 4% of assessed valuation was established when the WyomingConstitution was written in 1899. The cap severely hinders cities’ and towns’ability to fund improvements to municipal sewer systems which serve a majorityof Wyoming residents and visitors.3. This amendment is revenue neutral. It will not generate any new statespending or debt. It is intended to do away with an antiquated restriction. “Con” arguments for opposing: 1. If the Constitutional limit is removed, who knows what level the Legislature might choose? Lower? Higher?2. Residents don’t want to pay more for stormwater or sewer projects. If thisrestriction was sufficient when the Constitution was written, it still good enough now.3. This has the possibility of raising the indebtedness of cities and towns, probably raising fees or taxes locally; it may affect municipal bond ratings.

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