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The person elected joins Heber Richardson and Pete Gosar whose terms end in 2022.

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    Sue Ibarra

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    Terri Jones

Biographical Information

Biographical information

What economic, social, environmental, and aesthetic regulations would you recommend for the installation of solar or wind energy facilities for the County?

Considering the income shortfall, what specific measures do you favor to balance the budget?

What evidence would you require to move the western boundary of the Casper Aquifer?

Campaign Phone (307) 399-5026
Street Address 1973 Snowy Range Rd
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Party Affiliation Independent
I am your Independent Candidate for Albany County Commissioner. I am a longtime resident, husband, father, grandfather & business owner. My wife Lisa and I have spent many years as volunteer coaches for youth bowling. We have endured many economic downturns over the decades. I believe my ability to manage finances & prosper during these times have provided me with an ability to help guide Albany county in the future.
We must be careful here. If we are too restrictive, we will lose the current development and that will have a negative impact on future development and our county will suffer. Albany County is already the poorest county in the state. I believe the future is in renewable energy. We must be forward thinking. It is estimated that by 2050 that Wind energy will account for 73% and Solar 62% of energy generated. We cannot and should not be left out! We have an abundance of sun & wind; this should be an easy decision. With your help, we can change the future.
We are not going to be able to count on the state to help, so everything needs to be on the table. We need to attract revenue to our county. That is why it would be foolish to lose The ConnectGen windmill & NextEra solar projects. Recreation & tourism has been the one bright spot this year & needs continued support. Contracts will have to be re-evaluated, county spending will have to be reduced in the short term, most likely a hiring freeze. If we cannot attract new revenue streams you can count on services being reduced & taxes being raised no matter who gets elected.
The aquifer is the main reason I am running. I have read the reports from Wenck Associates, Tri-hydro, WWC, WHPA, and many others. What is very apparent is that continuous monitoring of the aquifer is needed, if contamination occurs, we must be able to respond quickly. The commissions solution for decades has been to allow spring runoff to dilute the existing contamination. We cannot expect snow melt to be how we handle contamination. “The solution to pollution is dilution” appears to be the county mantra. I would be in favor of extending the boundary in order to protect the aquifer.
Campaign Phone (307) 760-4387
Facebook @sueibarraforcountycommish
Street Address 1102 E Grand Ave Laramie, WY 82070
Phone 307-760-4387
Instagram @ibarra.307
Email Address
Party Affiliation Democrat
I was elected to two terms on the Albany County School Board and served 4 years as Board Chair. I have also served on the boards of the Downtown Clinic, Laramie Reproductive Health, SAFE Project, Laramie Swim Club, and Laramie Children’s Museum, providing me with extensive experience in developing and implementing policy and budgeting for programs that make a difference in our community. Volunteering has given me opportunities to work with medical personnel, administrators, educators, families, and senior citizens. I’m a hard worker, a good listener, a fast learner, and very enthusiastic.
Wind and solar development will generate jobs and revenue. But every kind of energy development has impacts on those living near it. Wyoming and Albany County have regulations in place. I would give additional consideration to issues directly affecting public health and safety, and, when possible, aesthetic concerns, such as screening measures for solar farms. Environmental impact studies should always be completed. As a commissioner, I will advocate meeting times when more people can participate, recognizing that ultimately not everyone will agree with final regulatory decisions
City and County governments should work together to provide the programs and services our community wants and needs, and to enhance efficiency in areas common to both governments, like IT. Personnel reductions should only be a last resort; county employees have a wealth of expertise and experience in executing their jobs. Economic development efforts should build on our existing business/technology parks, provide good broadband throughout the county, and promote our outdoor recreation amenities. UW’s Engineering Initiative will benefit the economic interests of both Laramie and Wyoming.
The Technical Advisory Committee for the first Casper Aquifer Protection plan in 1999 determined that pollutants might get into our drinking water source where there is less than 75 feet of overlying undisturbed Satanka Shale. They drew the boundary of the aquifer protection area with the best data they had, and said it should be updated. Sadly, the county has not done this. I will prioritize a boundary review using the latest well logs, geologic mapping, and site-specific investigations to decide the western boundary so that the County can prevent contamination of our drinking water.
Mailing Address PO Box 1
Laramie, WY 82073
Campaign Phone (307) 760-7878
Street Address PO Box 1 Laramie, WY 82073
Phone 307-760-7878
Email Address
I am a republican, your current Albany County Commission Chairwomen and running for re-election to a second term. I believe in Wyoming Values. I am Wyoming born and Albany County Raised. I know the people and understand the issues. I am a Patriot of the United States of America, State of Wyoming and Albany County. I believe in Law and Order. Support Law Enforcement. Our community must be safe and secure in order to thrive and prosper. I believe in the U.S. Constitution, The Rule of Law, Private Property Rights, the Second Amendment and keeping government small.
All actions commissioners take, including energy development, have trade-offs, you gain something, you lose something. The question is what trade-offs are people willing to live with? Currently finding a balance is very difficult. I must look at Private Property Rights and Albany County’s bottom line, asking how can we to go forward meeting statutory requirements and the needs of our community, as State and Federal monies are diminishing due to COVID-19 pandemic and reduced taxes on fossil fuels. Albany County regulatory action should benefit the community as a whole into the future.
We must help ourselves before we can expect help from granting entities. I will not vote to reduce funding for Law Enforcement. Most departments operate understaffed with few exceptions. Albany County is very frugal. It is not a question of where can we cut, but where can we find more money? A new commissioner in 2017, I laid off 14 employees and plan never to do it again. The high plains zephyr in Albany County is very reliable, we average 231 sunny days per year with only 93 days receiving some kind of precipitation, these are worthy of consideration as possible funding streams.
The Casper Aquifer Protection Plan was designed to protect the Casper Aquifer and recharge area. Our water is clean; the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan is doing its job. Heavy handed government over reach must be avoided. Should science prove substantial vulnerability along the currant western boundary and agreement is reached to move the western boundary further to the west, financial compensation must be negotiated and secured for land owners prior to moving the boundary, therefore avoiding a regulatory taking.