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Town of Milliken Ballot Question 2F

Shall the Town of Milliken, acting pursuant to a contract dated August 26, 2020, be authorized to convey its interest in the property commonly referred to as Milliken Waterworks Pool to Thompson River Parks and Recreation District subject to certain reservations including (a) the condition or restriction that the subject property be used perpetually for the operation of a public swimming pool, which condition or restriction shall run with the land conveyed and in the event of any breach of such condition or restriction, the Town shall have a right of entry to recover the property and (b) a reservation of an easement over and upon all that portion of the property lying southwards and eastwards of the western edge of the paved trail that traverses the property from the northeastern corner to the southwestern corner for the purpose of public recreation, including public beach use, and pedestrian and bicycle traffic including ingress and egress?

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure