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Woodbury County Sheriff

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    Chad Sheehan

Biographical Information

What are you top three priorities as Woodbury County Sheriff?

As Sheriff, how do you best address the differing needs of rural, small town and large city residents of Woodbury County?

The use of law enforcement police body cameras is being implemented and funded by Sioux City for the Sioux City Police Department. Do you support the use of body cameras for the Woodbury County Sheriff's Department?

Explain your answer.

Planning is in place to build the new Law Enforcement Center. As Sheriff, what concerns or suggestions for oversight do you have?

What are your suggestions to better address mental health issues within the Woodbury County Corectional System?

What is your definition of racial profiling? How would you implement policy to prevent racial profiling?

1. Providing the best public safety for ALL residents of Woodbury County while ensuring all people will be treated with respect and dignity. 2. Provide focused oversight on the new Jail/LEC project to ensure the project is on budget and built to last for generations. 3. Enhance training and professionalism.
Focus on continued community policing throughout Woodbury County. Have open dialog with all residents to make sure we understand the needs of each community.
The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office already utilizes body cameras and will continue to do so under my leadership.
I have already been attending both LEC Authority meetings and meetings with the architect. I want to continue to offer support for the LEC Authority and give guidance when needed to ensure the project provides all necessary services and stays on or under budget.
We will continue to look at partnerships with public and private organizations to assist us in addressing mental health issues. When appropriate we will attempt to find alternatives to incarceration for non violent offenders with serious mental health issues.
There is no room for racial profiling in our society. Each person should be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We are in the process of forming a Cultural Diversity Advisory Board to assist us in implementing policies and training, in an effort to build partnerships with all of our culturally diverse citizens. My administration will ensure every group has a seat at the table and have open communications.