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Woodbury County Auditor

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    Patrick Gill

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    Barbara Parker

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If elected, what are your top three priorities in your role as Auditor, Recorder, and Commissioner of Elections?

What concerns, if any, do you have related to the November 3, 2020 election security? And what would you recommend as best practices?

Given novel coronavirus considerations, how do you believe volunteers and voters on Election Day can be best protected?

What can be done to assure citizens clearly understand the requirements of voting?

How might the role of Auditor, Recorder and Commissioner of Elections be better communicated to the public?

How might you recruit more minority staff and voting site workers?

As Auditor, to continue to assist the Board of Supervisors Budget/Tax Analyst to administer the county's finances in a efficient manner that maximizes the use of tax payer dollars to achieve the priorities the Board establishes during the budget process.

As Recorder, to continue to lead a team that offers excellent customer service and keeps pace with technological advances to allow users to access the county records in a manner that is most efficient for them.

As Commissioner of Elections, my most important duty is to protect the integrity of elections in Woodbury County; it is an awesome responsibility. It is with constant vigilance that I work to protect the right to vote for every eligible elector and to assure that every vote cast is accurately counted. I strive to administer the elections in Woodbury County in a fair and impartial manner that earns the full faith and confidence of its citizens.
During this unprecedented time, election security means to provide the voters of Woodbury County the opportunity to cast their ballot in a manner that makes them feel safe and secure, regardless of the method they use to participate.

I would recommend that each voter respect the right of every voter within their community and allow them to cast their ballot in the manner that they prefer and are comfortable in doing so.
Precinct Election Officials in Woodbury County will be required to wear masks or face shields and will be trained to keep the polling place sanitized throughout the Election Day.

The Secretary of State's Office has informed us that we cannot require the same of voters on Election Day. We will ask voters to socially distance and consider using PPE while they are in the polling place.
The Woodbury County Auditor's Office constantly reaches out to voters to educate them to put them in the best position to successfully cast their ballot and have their vote accurately counted regardless of the method they choose to participate.
The Woodbury County Auditor's Office makes every effort to reach out to citizen's who use the offices so they understand the options they have available to them to access our services.
The Woodbury County Auditor's reaches out to minority communities during each election cycle to make them aware of the opportunities to participate in our democracy. We welcome each and every opportunity to do so.
Campaign Phone (712) 574-3269
1. To restore confidence and guard the integrity of the voting process by providing transparency in all areas, from voter registration to the final tabulation of votes. I hope to keep a bi-partisan view of all actions of this office in hopes of allowing every voter in the County to feel confident in having their voices heard. 2. To ensure tax monies are spent responsibly and effectively and that the Auditor’s office is a responsible steward of taxpayer resources. 3. To offer full support and to facilitate staff and employees in the Auditor’s office to continue the extraordinary services they are currently providing.
My concerns relating to security issues on the November 3, 2020 election are cyber security, COVID19 Pandemic health and safety concerns and mail-in ballots. With an estimated 60-80% of Iowans voting by absentee ballot, it is of utmost importance that the care, custody and control of absentee ballots is secured. During the current situation in Woodbury County, persons who have requested absentee forms are in a state of uncertainty, which must be remedied as soon as possible. Communication is crucial. The COVID Pandemic is of concern to both voters and elections workers. All safety precautions must be taken seriously, from personal protection equipment, social distancing, clear and obvious signage, and cleaning practices. Cyber security is becoming more and more prevalent in each election cycle, the need to stay up to date in internet security is vital in staying ahead of threats.
The first method to protect poll workers, volunteers and voters from COVID 19 health concerns is to provide and encourage alternate methods of voting such as mail in voting, ballot drop off areas, and early voting in order to reduce the number of persons at poll sites. For persons who would like to vote at a polling site, they should be encouraged to schedule for an “off-peak” time, such as mid-morning. By reviewing a sample ballot at, voters could limit their time at the polling place. The CDC has provided clear guidelines and recommendations namely frequent hand washing, use of personal protective equipment, large and distinctive informational signage for voters, disinfection and cleansing of equipment and facilities and limiting the number of individuals inside the voting facility. The Auditor should maintain or increase polling sites to encourage social distancing.
Citizens can be made aware of voting requirements by visiting numerous websites, such as; or; or by phoning the Woodbury County Auditor’s office at 712-279-6465. My go-to website is the Iowa Secretary of State’s page at for clear and complete information regarding the entire voting process. As Auditor, my responsibility would be to provide clear and easily accessible information in as many markets as possible. That could include informational brochures for mailing, and information and educational videos that could be accessed on the County website.
If elected, I am excited about the use of new and improved communication methods for constituents. Many more people are using the internet and social media in researching and educating themselves and I would like to provide an easy and interactive approach through the current website and other media outlets to communicate to the public.
As Auditor, I would strictly follow the use of Woodbury County’s existing policy of equal employment opportunities for all individuals without regard to any kind of classification. In hiring practices, I would promote and recruit the most qualified persons to join the staff. When there is an opening in the office, I would reach out to organizations like the NAACP, LULAC and the Sioux City Human Right Commission to specifically apprise them of openings. As for elections workers, this year the Secretary of State has done a tremendous job of publicizing the need to increase diversity in our pool of election workers. I would continue that and reach out to the political parties to emphasize the need for diverse workers, including younger individuals.