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BRADLEY BEACH MAYOR -- Full Term -- Vote for OneThe Borough of Bradley Beach operates under the Mayor – Council form of government. The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough and is elected for a four year term. The Borough Council is the legislative body. There are four members elected at large for concurrent three year terms.

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What are the major challenges facing the community/district and how would you propose to address them if elected?

What qualifies you for this position, both personally and professionally?

What factors are critical to the quality of life/education in your community and what would you do to improve or preserve them?

Campaign phone 908-693-4507
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Campaign Address PO Box 161 Bradley Beach NJ 07720
Education B.S. Boston College (1976) Jefferson University-Health care Policy Certificate (2012)
The two major challenges in the Borough of Bradley Beach are ongoing affordability and support to our businesses until the COVID crisis is resolved. Ongoing affordability needs to be my and the council’s focus. The components that comprise affordability are spending control without affecting services, increasing shared services agreements, increasing ratables in a smart way, and increasing revenue opportunities. Support to our businesses during COVID starts with a focus on the whole problem. An example- our restaurant businesses comprise a number of our storefronts- which are the most vulnerable this winter and how can we provide short-term assistance. We should also be reaching out to county and state resources to address the challenges.
Leadership is comprised of a combination of character and competence. I have been a member of the Bradley Beach community for 15 years; and have had the opportunity to participate in the community and at the same time contribute to it. I am a retired executive who spent almost 39-years at Johnson & Johnson. I had the opportunity to be put into leadership positions (manufacturing plants, professional organizations) and learn what it takes to make tough decisions, collaborate in difficult situations, and develop a diverse workforce into leaders themselves. If elected, I will lead, create a focus on key initiatives, continue to listen to our residents, and make those tough decisions. In the role of Mayor of Bradley Beach- Independent Leadership will be a critical success factor to create this focus and prioritization of strategies.

As previously mentioned, affordability is a critical success factor that we need to deliver for our residents. In terms of improvements- I’ll pledge to execute, with the council and the residents at large, a Main Street Strategy (short-term- through COVID, long-term-, a transformation that will attract businesses and allow them to thrive, positively affecting our local economy. Integrated communications will be another critical success factor to help with the change management we’ll have to achieve as we decide on priorities and strategies. Continued focus on our beachfront will be essential. Our environmental focus needs to be maintained- the Sylvan Lake and Fletcher Lake Committees and the Environmental Commission are critical to our beautiful shore town.
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Campaign phone 908-510-4661
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Campaign Address 615 Fourth Avenue, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Education B.S. in Accounting from Bentley College J.D. in Law from the University of Connecticut School of Law
COVID-19 has created a new realm of challenges for us all. Foremost among these challenges is protecting our residents’ health and protecting our Main Street businesses. Importantly, we must succeed while maintaining the Borough’s own financial health. Top priorities for 2021 include:

o Continue the revitalization of Main Street: Working closely with the Main Street Task Force leadership, we’ve secured grant funding for a “Walkable Community” analysis which could lead to further grant funding for traffic safety and aesthetic improvements. To support our businesses, our Council and our Business Community Alliance must help them to secure funding, operating flexibility, and strong communications. o Cut Wasteful Spending to Control Property Taxes: We’ve already cut $500,000 in wasteful spending and lowered sewer rates by $300,000. We must continue to spend smarter so we don’t price long-term residents out of Bradley. o Smart Development for a Family Friendly Town: The character of our village-style town is important to us all. We’ll control overbearing development in our neighborhoods and on Main Street to preserve what makes Bradley Beach a great place to live. We’ll also revise Zoning to make sure we don’t unfairly burden residents on smaller lots. o Protect and Focus on the Environment: In Bradley Beach, our environment is our identity. As Mayor, I’ll continue to champion protecting Sylvan Lake, Fletcher Lake, the Maritime Forest, our trees and our beaches.
At 63 years old, I’ve got a LOT of experience! I’m a father of four, a grandfather of five and have learned many “life lessons” along the way. Professionally, I am a Senior Director for a Global Human Resources consulting firm. My clients are large Corporations – typically Fortune 1000 – and my job is to help them solve problems. I obtained a B.S. in Accounting from Bentley College and practiced as a CPA and Auditor for an International Accounting and Consulting firm. I also have a J.D. in Law from the University of Connecticut School of Law. With my wife Anne, I’ve owned a home in Bradley for 14 years, and we’ve lived here full-time for 8 years. During this time, I have regularly attended Council meetings and acted as an advocate for our residents. This has helped me to gain a deep understanding of issues that are important to our community. I am currently a member of our Council and I’ve served five years on our Planning Board. I’ve volunteered with, or served as the liaison to, numerous Bradley Beach organizations, working with the Traffic Safety Commission, the Sylvan Lake Commission, the Community Center Committee, the Main Street Task force, the Food Pantry, Environmental Commission Beach Sweeps, and many other Bradley Beach organizations. My intimate knowledge of Bradley Beach, my technical skills, and my problem solving skills, position me well to serve as the Mayor of Bradley Beach.
Our residents universally love Bradley Beach. Many residents praise our employees, our services, and our beautiful natural resources. But, I also hear from long-term residents who wistfully recall a strong “sense of Community” that they shared with families, friends and neighbors many years ago. They grew up here, raised families here, and fondly remember activities at the beach, the kids playing outdoors, and the sheer fun of being part of a dynamic community. We may never fully recapture that part of our past, but we can make the Bradley Beach that we love today even better. Our quality of life and our education in Bradley can be strengthened by working together! Supported by grant funding in many areas, we can improve our playgrounds, our Recreation Center facilities, our Beach facilities, and our Elementary School support. Our crowning accomplishment could be developing a strategic plan that will convert the Methodist Church into a vibrant Community Center with plenty of parking. We are financially well-positioned to evaluate the potential costs -- and sources of funding -- for achieving this vision. It’s a vision that brings children and seniors together for programs, and provides a center for hosting cultural and social events and basketball! It can bring our volunteer organizations together in one place to host events for our Library and Elementary school, our Arts Council, our Historical Society, our seniors, and many more. Finally, did I mention the basketball?