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City of Fort Lupton Ballot Issue 2A

.5% STREET SALES AND USE TAX EXTENSIONSHALL THE CITY OF FORT LUPTON EXTEND UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2031, THE ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT (0.5%) SALES AND USE TAX FOR STREET IMPROVEMENTS, SCHEDULED TO EXPIRE DECEMBER 31, 2021, TO PROVIDE SPECIAL CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUNDS TO BE USED ONLY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIRS OF STREETS AND ALLEYS, INCLUDING CURBS, GUTTERS AND SIDEWALKS, PROVIDING FOR THE ENGINEERING, TESTING AND INSPECTION OF THE SAME, NOTWITHSTANDING ANY STATE RESTRICTION ON FISCAL YEAR SPENDING, INCLUDING THE RESTRICTIONS OF ARTICLE X, SECTION 20 (TABOR) OF THE COLORADO CONSTITUTION?BudgetYearProjectsBudgetYearProjectsAnnualCrack Seal/Slurry Seal2026McKinley (3rd – 1st), S Denver (1st – Kahil), 14th StAnnualCurb/Gutter/Sidewalks20277th St (Grand – Hoover), 6th St (Grand – Fulton), Broadway (4th – 7th)2022Hickory St., 9th St. – Northrup to CR 31, College Ave – 9th St to CC Road, CR 8 – US 85 to S Denver20285th St (Grand – Fulton), 2nd St (Grand – Fulton), 2nd St (McKinley – Denver)202314th St (US 85 west to bridge), 5th St – Grand to Fulton, Saddleback20294th St (Grand – Fulton), 6th St (McKinley – Denver), S Fulton (Lone Pine – S Denver)2024Coyote Creek Dr, 3rd St (Fulton – McKinley), CR 8 US 85 West2030S Denver Ave (1st – Kahil), S Grand (1st – S Fulton), 8th St (Grand – Fulton)2025Mountview (CL to 9th), CR 25 Resurface, Main St (1st to 9th)2031McKinley Ave (1st – Reynolds), S Park (1st – Reynolds), Crane (S Denver – McKinley)* Project priority evaluated annually dependent upon required utility prior to paving and current roadway conditions

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