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Ohio State Board of Education District 10

The Ohio State Board of Education is an elected executive agency of the Ohio state government, responsible for managing the state's public K-12 education. The board's vision is "for all Ohio students to graduate from the PK-12 education system with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to successfully continue their education and/or be workforce ready and successfully participate in the global economy as productive citizens. Ultimately, all students will graduate well prepared for success."

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    Mary Binegar

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A law adopted in 2015 requires in-depth financial and academic reporting from schools and management organizations, stops charter schools from switching sponsors to avoid getting shut down, and prohibits poorly rated sponsors from opening new schools, among other provisions. What will you do as a school board member to ensure that all charter schools comply with the provisions of the new law?

What can the State Board of Education do to ensure that all schools comply with Operating Standards for Ohio's Schools?

What can the State Board of Education do to ensure that all traditional public schools, charter schools, and nonpublic schools that accept state financial support (including vouchers) are accountable to the public for the tax support?

How can the State Board of Education ensure a quality education for all Ohio students regardless of whether they attend traditional public schools, charter or online schools, have vouchers for attending private schools, or are home-schooled?

What would be your priorities if elected to the State Board of Education?

Currently, Ohio’s State Board of Education is made up of both elected and appointed members. The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission is debating whether to move to an all-appointed board, return to the all-elected board Ohio used to have, or keep the current mix. What is your position?

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Education BS in Education - The Ohio State Univ, Masters in Education - Univ of Dayton
Age 71
Family Daughter, Son and four grandchildren
Experience 35 years of teaching experience 25 yrs working as an education advocate through my associations
As a Board member, I would review any compliance reports submitted by ODE and ask for reports on non-compliant schools and actions taken to bring them into compliance or to shut them down. I would support any measures brought before the Board to ensure that all charter schools are compliant with this law.
All schools must follow the same operating standards. Board members must make every effort to first have a strong understanding of the Operating Standards and then visit schools in their district to see those standards in practice. Then the Board must support these standards with clear policy language that sets real consequences for failure to comply.
The Board must support policies and/or legislative language recommendations that require any school that accepts state financial support to have to follow the same standards for reporting the use of those funds. Any expenditures of public funds must be reported to the public in a transparent, easily accessible manner.
Students should be required to meet the same academic standards to progress from one grade level to the next and eventually to graduate. Also all schools or learning environments must meet the same standards for health and safety. Finally, all students must have access to teachers licensed by the state of Ohio in the appropriate grade levels and subject matter.
My priorities as a Board member would be first to work on a fair funding system for education to allow every child to have a quality education no matter where they live in Ohio. Second to address and correct the inequities in our current system which include social justice issues as well as socio-economic issues. Third I would address the overuse of standardized tests and misuse of test results.
I believe an all-elected Board would be more reflective of the people of Ohio and more responsive to the communities they serve. Elected members know they must always answer to their constituents which should keep them better attuned to their constituents' issues and concerns. Developing a strong relationship with local education communities is an essential part of meeting the needs of students.
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