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1. HAWAI`I: Techincal, Linguistic,and Grammatical Revision of the Charter

QUESTION: Shall the Charter of the County of Hawai`i be amended by making various technical, linguistic, and grammatical revisions throughout the Charter?To see the proposed language changes and Fiscal Impact Statements prepared by the County of Hawai`i Department of Finance, go to .CHARTER COMMISSION SUMMARY: This proposal would correct certain technical, linguistic, and grammatical issues in the Charter.BACKGROUND: The following is not included in the ballot language, but explains the changes being proposed in this amendment, relating to:-District Residency Requirement Language: Clarifies language about the district residency requirements for members of county council, boards, and commissions throughout the Charter of the County of Hawai`i.-Office of the Legislative Auditor: Changes the Office of the "Legislative" Auditor to "County" Auditor.-Department of Information Technology Qualifications and Duties: Updates language by replacing the terms "data processing, telecommunications, and computer system" with "information technology."-Initiative and Referendum Petitions: Replaces the word "appeal" with "repeal" to contextually correct the statement.-Use of Social Security Numbers on Petitions: Removes the requirement that the last four digits of an elector's social security number appear on petitions.-Planning Department: Removes obsolete language referring to the Hawai`i County Planning Commission and removes the transitional provisions of the Windward and Leeward Planning Commissions.FISCAL IMPACT: Minimal. One part of the amendment would change the name of the auditor's office, requiring stationery and other documents to be updated with the new name. Since most of the items to be updated are electronic or printed in house the cost should be minimal.WHAT YOUR VOTE MEANS: A “YES” vote means you are IN FAVOR of the amendment and the Charter of the County of Hawai`i will be changed as proposed. A “NO” vote means you are AGAINST the amendment and the County Charter will not be changed as proposed.ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR: -Making these changes in the charter clarifies meaning, enhances, understanding, or provides protection against legal challenges, but doesn't change the meaning.ARGUMENTS AGAINST: -Correcting spelling an shifting words around wastes time, since the existing wording has not caused problems in the past.

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