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14. HAWAI`I: Membership on Boards and Commissions

QUESTION: Shall the Charter of the County of Hawai`i be amended to remove political party membership limits for the makeup of County boards and commissions?To see the proposed language changes and Fiscal Impact Statements prepared by the County of Hawai`i Department of Finance, go to COMMISSION SUMMARY: This proposal would remove the language in the sections regarding boards and commissions and mandatory charter reviews requiring that no more than a bare majority of members of these boards and commissions shall belong to the same political party. The commission finds that when the charter was first established, ensuring fair representation of political minorities on county boards and commissions was consistent with the partisan nature of county government. With the advent of non-partisan elections for county electoral offices, the charter language has become obsolete and may impede the ability to achieve other types of diverse representation to the membership of county boards and commissions.FISCAL IMPACT: None. WHAT YOUR VOTE MEANS: A "YES" vote means that you are IN FAVOR of the amendment and the Charter of the County of Hawai`i will be changed as proposed. A "NO" vote means that you are AGAINST the amendment and the Charter of the County of Hawai`i will not be changed as proposed.ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR: -All County of Hawai`i elected offices, such as Mayor, Council, and Prosecuting Attorney, are non-partisan. The proposal will remove partisan distinctions for boards and commissions. -It is more important to find qualified people to serve on county boards and commissions than to fill quotas.ARGUMENTS AGAINST: -The proposal removes the protection of diverse voices on boards or commissions. -The current language prevents partisan politics. We should not regress by removing these protections.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure