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4: HAWAI`I: Authority of Police and Fire Commissions

QUESTION: Shall the Charter of the County of Hawai`i be amended to authorize the Police commission to discipline the Police Chief and the Fire Commission to discipline the Fire Chief?To see the proposed language changes and Fiscal Impact Statements prepared by the County of Hawai`i Department of Finance, go to .CHARTER COMMISSION SUMMARY: This proposal would clarify that the authority to discipline the Chief of Police rests with the Police Commission, and the authority to discipline the Fire Chief rests with the Fire Commission. The Commission finds that previous charters provide authority for the Police Commission and Fire Commission to appoint and remove the respective chief, but have been unnecessarily silent on the commissions' authority to discipline the chiefs. The corporation counsel supports the clarification of this explicit authority in the charter.FISCAL IMPACT: None.ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR: -The authority of the Police Commission and Fire Commission to remove their respective chiefs should also include the authority to discipline them. The power to discipline would give the commission more options to resolve conflicts within the departments before situations escalate to removing the chiefs, and would improve the commissions' abilities to fulfill their oversight duties.ARGUMENTS AGAINST: -The change could lead to prolonged investigations of internal matters of the fire and police administrations.

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