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Iowa State House District 95

This is the race for Iowa State House Representative District 95 on November 3, 2020 for general election.

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    Christian Andrews

  • Charlie McClintock

Biographical Information

If elected, what are your top three priorities? How do you plan to implement them?

What will you do to strengthen diverse communities in Linn County and across Iowa amid the crises of Covid-19, protests, and economic challenges?

What is a hope or dream you have for Linn County?

How do you plan to strengthen the public education and job training programs in our state?

Do you believe the Iowa Legislature should pass a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights? Why or why not?

District/Position for which you are running Iowa House of Rep, District 95
Current Job Teamster Operator for the City of Mt Vernon. Operate anything from a Loader to a Paintbrush.
Years experience in public service 6
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 185
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
Twitter Handle @andrewsforiowa
Candidate Information My district 95 covers rural Linn county and 4 townships in rural Buchanan county.
1. Our first Job in Des Moines is to make sure we have enough support for our frontline workers and state employees who interact with public spaces. This means I intend to work with everyone in the legislature to pass a bill addressing the lack of PPE, supplies, and Covid-19 tests and increase the number of places tests can be administered and tested so that we keep the spread of this disease under control.

2. Our 2nd Job is to pass emergency funding keep rural hospitals and clinics open and fund Ambulance and EMS services, recognizing them as Essential services to cover our rural areas especially during this pandemic.

3. Our 3rd Job is to make sure that our small business owners and landlords can keep people employed by passing any relief to them to keep their lights on doors open. This also means looking at helping those who are still unemployed pay their rents and freeze any utilities from being shut off gas, electric or water.

Though we have known about the disparities between people due to racial, gender, and/or religious based reasons, this pandemic has put them under a magnifying glass. The first step is to make sure that we all acknowledge the undeniable differences in resources and treatment between those in underrepresented communities and those that are not. We are witnessing a country where certain groups, predominantly black and brown citizens, are contracting COVID at a higher rate than white people, dying of COVID at a higher rate than white people, and are victims of police violence at rates higher than white people. To be clear, I do not support defunding the police. We absolutely need to make sure that our law enforcement is given adequate resources to address the variety of issues they deal with. We wouldn’t expect any other profession to deal with hundreds of different issues, so there’s no reason we should expect that from our police.
I hope that we can all come together and vote to invest enough resources in the people of Buchanan and Linn Counties, that we stave off economic and financial ruin from the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Make sure that our school administrations staff know they are a priority: let them know they can count on an increase in spending next year and let them know they have funding two years in advance. I would also expand jobs office and staff, undoing some of the damage from Gov Terry Branstad's disastrous and illegal decision to close jobs offices and put up Kiosks in there place during the last great recession. We also need to make sure that our community colleges have adequate funding for programs to help with more of our unemployed and underemployed.
I believe that we have to restore voting rights to those who have served their time in jail/prison. Free speech and voting rights can not be hinged on their personal wealth or ability to pay restitution.
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