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Iowa State House District 66

This is the race for Iowa State House Representative District 66 on November 3, 2020 for general election.

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  • Barrett Hubbard

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    Art Staed

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If elected, what are your top three priorities? How do you plan to implement them?

What will you do to strengthen diverse communities in Linn County and across Iowa amid the crises of Covid-19, protests, and economic challenges?

What is a hope or dream you have for Linn County?

How do you plan to strengthen the public education and job training programs in our state?

Do you believe the Iowa Legislature should pass a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights? Why or why not?

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District/Position for which you are running House District 66 State Representative
Current Job current legislator
Years experience in public service 10
Campaign Email
Twitter Handle @staedart
a) rebuild and strengthen Iowa’s economy with good-paying jobs, giving local communities the authority to raise the minimum wage and by helping Iowa businesses expand and remain here – providing access to capital, low interest loans and research opportunities in partnership with our universities. Make equal pay for equal work a reality by eliminating the barriers that allow workers to be paid inequitably. b) Improve our health care system by providing effective oversight of our MCOs and stopping them from denying care and delaying payments – to both care recipients and providers. Require the state to take ownership for its health care and mental health responsibilities – making sure that Iowans are able to receive the medical care they need. c) Make public schools a priority again – preparing Iowa children to lead happy and successful lives and to meet the future demands of our economy. It begins with providing the resources early to help schools prepare and plan.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent protests have spotlighted some of the injustices and dire economic and health difficulties that are faced by some of our communities. Many individuals and businesses may never be able to fully recover without our assistance. It is our duty to listen, learn and act. The legislature should create a task force to help us identify and direct recovery efforts for those in dire need - in the short term and long-term. We also need to focus our attention on legislation that helps reduce poverty and eliminates policies and practices that support systemic racism and other injustices where ever they occur, whether it be limitations in accessing health care, affordable housing, nutritious food, child care, broadband, or economic opportunities.
A vibrant economy centered on innovation and focused on existing businesses - an economy that creates greater numbers of family-sustaining jobs, with every resident having a fair opportunity to prosper. One with a safe environment for our children, where everyone feels safe at home and safe in the community. It means attracting visitors to enjoy our quality of life - with its natural beauty, clean waterways and beautiful trails – improving our economy, culture and quality of life. It means a world-class, well-funded, public education system, with the highest standards for every child and school, where well-trained teachers nurture our children’s minds. This includes strong support for our high-quality early childhood education, K-12 schools, and our community college.
By continued support for programs like Future Ready Iowa, STEAM and PACE and by growing Iowa’s skilled workforce - expanding worker training at our Community Colleges and in local apprenticeships and partnerships. My goal is for every child to graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills to land a good paying job, but also, to lead a happy and successful life. Every graduate should also have the opportunity to continue higher education or additional training without accumulating insurmountable debt. This means making tuition affordable for all.
The Iowa Legislature should pass a constitutional amendment. Without this, any future Governor could rescind the current executive order. This should not include a requirement that Iowans pay off restitution or any other court debt before eligibility is restored. This does not serve any government interest or public safety. Restoring voting eligibility would not change an individual’s obligation to pay off outstanding debt. The duty to pay would remain. We also should not exclude those with particular convictions from eligibility. The criminal justice system already accounts for severity of a crime and the subsequent sentencing. The additional punishment of a lifetime ban on voting, serves no public safety purpose.