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Iowa State Senate District 48

This is the race for Linn County Iowa State Senate District 48 on November 3, 2020 for general election.

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    Eric Green

  • Dan Zumbach

Biographical Information

If elected, what are your top three priorities? How do you plan to implement them?

What will you do to strengthen diverse communities in Linn County and across Iowa amid the crises of Covid-19, protests, and economic challenges?

What is a hope or dream you have for Linn County?

How do you plan to strengthen the public education and job training programs in our state?

Do you believe the Iowa Legislature should pass a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights? Why or why not?

District/Position for which you are running Iowa Senate District 48
Current Job Own and operate Diamond Pi Company in Monticello
Years experience in public service 0
Campaign Mailing Address 313 South Locust St
Monticello, IA 52310
Campaign Email
Accessibility, equitable tax policy and spending policy, and investing in education. Making myself accessible is key. In-person meetings are great, and I would also use digital platforms as well to both get input from anyone in the district to help guide me to make the best decision I can for them and also to inform on what I am doing for them in Des Moines. Iowa taxes have become regressive. The amount of taxes a citizen or organization pays should reflect what they are able to pay. Legislators needs to come together to recommend changes to Iowa’s tax laws to make the cost more equitable for all. Once fair shares are being paid, resources can be used to address needs like education, Medicaid, waterways, transportation, and rural broadband. A properly funded education system will help ensure success among Iowa’s youth who will help drive Iowa’s economy. Iowa’s education funding has declined. Legislators need to show that prioritizing education is key to a prosperous future for Iowa
We are in a diverse nation, and that diversity helps to make us stronger because we are more accepting of others. Iowa is not all that diverse, but that is slowly changing. Luckily for us, “Iowa nice” is a real thing that goes a long way in welcoming diversity into our communities. It is important for elected leaders to make diverse groups feel welcome in the community. As a legislator, I would reach out to diverse groups within my district regardless of race, religion, sex, economic status, labor or management, urban or rural. We are a large, increasingly diverse community with common interests like improving our economic and educational opportunities. Everyone has a right to be heard, and as an elected official, I would listened to them and help their voices be heard when making decisions in Des Moines that will effect them.
I will strive to listen to the residents of Linn County and provide job opportunities that ensures every household a sustainable wage. When households have sustainable wages, they will be able to meet basic, essential needs—economic, health, and social
I am committed to strong work-based learning for every student in our region, similar to what is provided by the Workplace Learning Connection now at Linn County schools. We would strive to ensure every student has at least a job shadow prior to graduation. In addition, every student should access at least one career technical education class before graduating. Funding should be increased as well as further opportunities explored for collaboration between schools to support career technical education.
Yes, felons should have their voting rights restored after completing their sentence. They are free citizens once again, and free citizens get to have the right to vote.
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