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West St. Paul City Council Member Ward 1

A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Julie A. Eastman

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    Robert James Pace

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Facebook (Full URL) http://@julieeastmanforwsp
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Mailing Address (Public) 443 BERNARD ST E.
I’m a 27 year homeowner with 35 years’ business experience in planning, program & profit management, and building relationships. I can use that experience as councilmember. I’ve attended city meetings, received the documents, read it all, and researched to understand issues. I'm a problem solver, do the work, and collaborate to find solutions. With new rental housing and population growth coming by 2023, a lot of work remains to ensure that we are ready to welcome our new neighbors.
Add businesses and residents to the Economic Development Authority. Hold listening sessions 2x/year to identify opportunities. Create a business development plan including: business mix, women/minority-owned businesses, workforce development and job growth, customer traffic, and stronger tax base.

By 2023, 998 rental units will be added and our 2040 population projections will be attained. We need to update our priorities and finances to ensure that we are ready for this accelerated growth.
The county’s highest percentage of renters & seniors are in WSP. Our Median Income is $52,100, Dakota County’s is $80,000 and Metro Area’s is $103,000. 2/3 of new rental units are “affordable” per the Metro Area Median Income. Our projected population for 2040 will be attained in 2023. 50%+ of our residents will be renters. A Rental Community & Housing Plan is necessary that outlines needs of the rental community, updates codes, develops tenant protections, and provides funding resources.
We need to re-prioritize diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives. WSP should participate in the League of MN Cities GARE (Government Alliance on Race and Equity) program. WSP can improve diverse and equitable hiring and training practices, add diversity guidance for business and community partners, and build an inclusive culture that welcomes all of our residents. As community events return, we need to hold some of these within walking distance of our larger, multi-tenant communities.
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Mailing Address (Public) 1269 OAKDALE AVE
I am a third-generation West St. Paul small business owner and 33 year resident of Ward 1. I am proud of all we have accomplished since I was elected in 2016. There has been a boom in redevelopment and remodeling activity in the city that continues to help grow and foster a positive business climate. We also have implemented a sound financial management plan that will help guide us through these difficult economic times. It is important to continue the momentum we have started.
First, we need to continue to support redevelopment projects in the city and improving the business climate throughout the city. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan guides development and establishes a unified vision for Robert Street over the next decade. We must continue to implement that plan through policy changes. Second, I want to ensure we continue to support our public safety departments and fully fund their operations to keep our residents and businesses safe.
I voted for and supported the 2040 Comprehensive Plan that allows for denser housing options all along Robert Street. We have approved a wide range of housing options that fits within our planning documents and recently adopted Housing Plan. At only 5 square miles, West St. Paul must increase its density in order to strengthen the tax base and add new residents. I will work to uphold our Comprehensive Plan as we continue to look for projects that fit within that strategic framework.
Under the leadership of Mayor Dave Napier, Council has reached consensus on many of the issues coming before us, including unanimous passage of many important proclamations for underrepresented groups. I think our city, specifically staff and Council have done a fantastic job with these issues. As we move forward I will continue to support further efforts for these causes.