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Bartlesville City Council- Ward 2

City Council members are elected from each of city’s five wards. The mayor and vice mayor are elected by the council during the first meeting of the new term. Each council member serves a term of two years with elections held in even-numbered years beginning November 2012. Two-year terms Elections held in even-numbered years Members elected by their ward Mayor, Vice Mayor elected by council

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    Jason Herr

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    Paul Stuart

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Why are you running for Bartlesville City Council?

What experience, insights, and abilities will you bring to the Bartlesville City Council that makes you especially qualified for the position?

What are your top priorities for Bartlesville?

Do you believe a mask mandate is helpful? Please expand on why or why not.

Campaign Phone (918) 766-6866
Bartlesville is one of the greatest "small towns" in America! What makes it great are the people who live here. Bartlesville is second to none when it comes to our diversity, arts & culture, employers, churches, businesses, schools and the like. Considering the political climate in which our nation finds itself, Bartlesville needs leaders who are committed to protecting our way of life. We are an inclusive, welcoming, respectful and safe place to live. I am running to protect these values.
My background in accounting, finance and executive leadership will lend itself very well in the execution of the duties of City Councilor. One of the biggest responsibilities of the Council is to oversee and be good stewards of the city's budget and financial affairs. A Councilor also ought to be a good listener to the needs of all of his or her constituents, not just the concerns of a few select groups, so that decisions that are best for the city as a whole can be made. I will do just that.
1. To support those who protect us. 2. To safeguard our rights, freedoms and liberties from the possibility of an overreaching local government. 3. To support and stand with our businesses (both small and large and those in between). They are the pillars that hold up our community and provide jobs. 4. To ensure responsible taxation and an accountable local government. 5. To preserve Bartlesville's legacy as a safe, family friendly community.
No, I do not believe a mask mandate is helpful. It is the right and the responsibility of individuals to make health decisions that are best for them and their families. Government does not and should not have a responsibility to impose itself on the lives of the individual nor to take an active role in their health in such a way. Government's responsibility should simply be to provide unbiased, reliable and discernible information so that the individual may responsibly make that decision.
Campaign Phone (918) 384-8886
These past years have been extremely fulfilling for me personally, I found I am energized by helping constituents. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and working with the other councilors, city staff, first responders, and the people who donate their time and talents on our boards, commissions, and committees. I believe in the city we can build together and that I can have a positive impact on Bartlesville by serving on the council. I want to make this a strong community for my family and for yours.
My experience has shown people they can trust that I will do what I think is right regardless of the personal or political repercussions, even if they don’t agree with me.

I can see how interconnected the various parts of our community are and how they all affect one another.

I’m always reading what other cities around the country are doing with regards to infrastructure or capital improvements and asking if they make sense here and would solve some of our problems.
-Improve Roads

-Ensure our Police Department is sufficiently staffed

-Set up reserve to ensure COLA and steps are funded even in economic downturns

-Work with BDA on Telecommuter/home-purchase incentive

-Get state legislation passed to allow us to address blight more effectively (Currently working with local legislative delegation on a bill)

-Continue working with BPS to get JROTC program off the ground (started in 2019)

-Expand pathfinder as 2026 (250th) project

-Update Park Study
Honestly, I don’t know. I would have said yes six month ago if it were done on a large scale like at a state or multi-county level.

I don’t know how effective a city mask mandate would be with as widespread as the virus is and as many other communities don’t have mandates. The time for a mandate was in the spring and it should not have been something city councils had to consider because it should have been handled at a higher level.

A local ordinance probably wouldn't be effective today.