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-The Superior Board of Trustees adopts Ordinances and Resolutions, appropriates funds to conduct Town business, and provides policy direction for Town governance through Town Staff and Advisory Groups. The Mayor and Trustees are elected by popular vote in November of even years by the residents of Superior. They can serve up to two four-year terms. Trustees are also responsible for representing Superior constituents in legislative, quasi-judicial, and administrative proceedings. -La junta de los fideicomisarios de Superior adopta ordenanzas y resoluciones, asigna fondos para realizar negocios en la ciudad, y proporciona dirección política para la gobernanza de la ciudad a través del personal de la ciudad y los grupos asesores. El Alcalde y los fideicomisarios son elegidos por votación popular en Noviembre de los años pares por los residentes de Superior. Pueden servir hasta dos términos de cuatro años. Los fideicomisarios también son responsables de representar a los constituyentes de Superior en legislativo, cuasi judicial, y procedimientos administrativos.

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As trustee how would you pursue balancing housing and business growth with the preservation of historical, water and land resources in Superior?

What is your stance on permitting oil and gas exploration and drilling within Superior city limits?

How would you like the Town of Superior to proceed in providing indoor recreational/community space for the Town of Superior?

How do you see the Superior Board of Trustees working with regional governments to alleviate traffic congestion in the US Highway 36 corridor?

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Background I worked as a management consultant from 2007-2015. From 2016-2019 I did leadership development and training. Now I have my own executive coaching practice.
First, we should continue to protect our existing parks and open spaces, which at 1,032 acres make up >30% of Superior’s acreage. I will work to improve housing affordability through new housing development, redevelopment of existing properties, and creative preservation of existing housing stock. When it comes to business development, I will support our small businesses and our Chamber of Commerce. I will support efforts to draw strong businesses to the Downtown Superior development and the Superior Marketplace. I will be realistic about the impacts of the changing retail landscape on our area and strive to put forward workable solutions that will result in real commercial development in a reasonable timeframe.
Superior should be as aggressive as legally possible when it comes to banning oil and gas extraction, including both hydraulic fracturing and conventional extraction. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. It’s critical for preventing the worst effects of the climate crisis, and it’s also critical for the health of our citizens. Our air quality is already terrible in the Front Range and the last thing we need is additional emissions from oil and gas development.
I would like to see the 1500 Coalton facility completed and open to the public as soon as possible. I support the current plans for the facility. I am skeptical of building additional indoor recreational/ community space. Property taxes make up only about 13% of our annual budget. (The rest comes from sales and use tax, user fees, development fees, and so on.) So far during COVID we have been lucky that our sales taxes have been robust. But, we shouldn’t be overconfident that this situation will always hold. I am skeptical of new infrastructure investments that will require maintenance into perpetuity, especially those that would be funded by taking on additional debt.
I see the Superior Board of Trustees working with regional governments to alleviate traffic congestion through investments in public transit. Research shows that the most effective means of reducing traffic congestion is to make alternative modes of transportation more attractive. Car traffic is governed by the law of induced demand. That is, if you expand the highway, more people will choose to drive, leaving congestion levels unchanged. We need to ensure that public transit is plentiful, convenient, and affordable. We can also make bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure safer and more attractive. Ensuring workforce housing near to jobs is another excellent way to reduce traffic congestion.
Background Tim is a husband, father of five, entrepreneur, business owner, activist, runner, and a global ambassador for Cardiac Athletes. He co-founded Safe Superior and serves on the Board of the League of Oil & Gas Impacted Coloradans. Tim earned a BS in Physics and an MBA from the Wharton School.
Antecedentes Tim está casado, es padre de cinco hijos, emprendedor, empresario, activista, aficionado a correr, y es también embajador de Cardiac Athletes. Cofundador de Safe Superior, sirve en la junta de la "LOGIC." Tim consiguió su licenciatura en Ciencias Físicas, y una maestría en la Wharton School.
Dirección postal 2733 Slate Court Superior, CO 80027
Contact phone 720-592-0740
Teléfono 720-592-0740
Correo electrónico
As a trustee, I believe that each development decision must be based on the maximum contribution to four desirable outcomes: Does this expand the open space footprint and protect for use by the town? Does it contribute significantly to the goal of making attainable and affordable housing available? Does it accelerate the path to 100% renewable energy sources and water conservation? Does the proposed use weaken or strengthen the long-term financial viability of the town? I would prioritize currently town-owned parcels for open space consideration, given the financial impacts.
As a private citizen, I pushed for greater protections – some were accepted by the board and some were not. Superior needs stronger protections. Most urgently, the current 1,500-foot setback should be increased for residences and schools to 2,500 feet. This provides a foundation for obtaining standing in the event that the property across Route 128 in Jeffco becomes a future well-pad site. The reality is that even if the well site is outside our borders does not mean there is no threat to the health and safety to the residents of Superior. Lastly, I think we should work with neighboring local and county governments to adopt the strongest set of protections.
I believe the 1500 Coalton road property offers a promising venue for providing a vibrant community space. I do believe it is imperative that we understand how to both configure and “market” the space so that it addresses the needs of multiple groups within our community: middle school hangout, senior activity center, home based entrepreneurs shared workspace, community meeting place. A revised Downtown Superior footprint could also include a community center; which could be part of a rethinking what commercial space looks like post-COVID.
In the absence of Tabor reform at the state level, that would make possible adequate transportation funding, we must come up with a regional transportation solution. This issue is intertwined with the absence, or minimal supply, of attainable homes in our communities which drive inbound commutes for many of Superior’s service businesses as well as Boulder based businesses. As part of getting to 100% renewable energy, Superior should augment current bus services with a local electric bus loop. Ideally a Superior electric bus schedule could be augmented by and integrated into a regional set of electric bus schedules.
Background I am a husband to my wonderful wife Chris and a proud father of 8 year old twin boys Dylan and Jackson. Our family loves everything about Superior – its excellent schools, amazing parks and trails, and most importantly, its small-town sense of community.
Contact phone 303-241-2289
Twitter @marklacis
Balancing growth with preservation is a challenge. The majority of land in Superior is private property that is already zoned for residential or commercial use. However, we should always seek opportunities to preserve undeveloped land when possible.

In 2020, we capitalized on such an opportunity and I voted for the purchase of 182 acres of undeveloped land from CenturyLink -- the largest open space acquisition in our town’s history -- which doubled the amount of open space in Superior.

We can also balance development during zoning change requests. I voted against the Zaharias request, because the residential proposal was too dense and would negatively impact the neighboring reservoir.
I am 100% opposed to allowing oil and gas activity near residential or open space areas in Superior.

In April 2020, I led the effort of our Town Board when we adopted tough oil and gas regulations, which now preclude any oil and gas activities on lands that are zoned residential or open space. Through the setbacks we adopted for Superior, residences, schools, and critical infrastructure are safe from any potential oil and gas activity. Going forward, we should continue to review these regulations to ensure they are as aggressive as they can be, particularly once the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) adopts its new rules as a result of the passage of SB-181.
Our residents have been asking for a community center for years. I’m proud that during my first term, we purchased 1500 Coalton Road and are now in the process of constructing a wonderful, centrally-located, 15,000 sq. ft. community center, which will include teen & senior space, library services, meeting rooms, co-working space, a cafe, and more -- and which is set to open in the spring of 2021.

In addition, as part of the Downtown Superior development plans for Main Street, which were approved in late 2019, we will also have an additional community space for events and a central gathering space in the heart of Downtown -- which will be built and paid for by the developer of Downtown Superior.
As a member of Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), we have already leveraged grants to expand the bike path on the westside of US-36 between Avista Hospital and the Bus-Rapid-Transit station at Flatirons Mall. This is part of our broader effort to increase our network of bike paths throughout town. These improvements will provide bicyclists with a safe and reliable means to access public transit to Denver and Boulder, without the need to use a car.

To promote bus ridership, we have piloted a program to beautify our bus shelters with public art. We also continue to promote and support RTD’s FlexRide program.
Background BA—Spanish, University of Houston MBA—Finance/Management, UCLA Anderson School
Antecedentes BA—Spanish, University of Houston MBA—Finance/Management, UCLA Anderson School
Mailing Address Marble Ln
Superior, CO 80027
Dirección postal Marble Ln Superior, CO 80027
Contact phone 510.682.4747
Teléfono 510.682.4747
Correo electrónico
First and foremost, we need to preserve the available Open Space within Superior. The further we develop, the more we sacrifice our open space. Once we run out, it’s gone for good.

The History of Original Town Superior, we need to maintain.

Water wise, Superior is in excellent shape with future water rights currently under development; I am confident about water. Nonetheless, we as a town need to be more proactive for water and resource conservation.

From a Business Perspective, Superior needs to have a greater focus on improving the performance of our current businesses as well as foster an environment of economic growth for future businesses. Our tax base from business revenue can’t decline without our property taxes being impacted.
Absolutely not under ANY circumstances!
Superior has several buildings that can be repurposed for a community space, and should be.

While the current Covid situation might prevent this, Superior has a long-standing sense of physical community and gathering. Chili Fest, Movies in the Park, 4th of July festivities. Superior needs to have more of these events.

A dedicated facility would provide the physical space to make that happen…As well as be a potential revenue generator for the town!
This is a challenge…There are currently two ways in and out of the Boulder Valley to Denver/Arvada, the 36 freeway and Broadway 93. And they get crushed (pre-covid)!

As a person who has worked in both Boulder and South Denver, I get it.

We need to encourage commuters to use public transportation, Park n’ Ride, etc. This will also alleviate the traffic strain in Boulder. The Superior/Louisville Park n’ Rides would also give us the ability to cater to commuters as an “after work” dining location.

I *don’t* think the answer is a light rail. This would be too disruptive and outrageously expensive. (Name a light rail project that has come in under budget and works efficiently.) I would be against a light rail project going through Superior.
Background I have been a Trustee since 2016. Prior to that I was an active member of the community advocating on a number of issues notably opposing the Tax Incremental Financing associated with Downtown Superior, accelerating the development of Wildflower Park and opposing the expansion of Town Hall
Contact phone 720.989.5336
I will continue the trend of smart development with an eye towards public safety and the diversification of our tax base (beyond big box stores). I support the preservation of our homes in Original Town superior through incentives and flexibility on variance requests. By way of example, I would support a front porch addition that infringed on a setback requirement if if retained in original character.

I support the 'Ready for 100' initiative as backed by the Sierra Club meaning the Town would commit to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030.
I oppose and pledge to not permit any oil and gas exploration within Superior limits

The town has adopted oil and gas regulations that will prevent activities zoned as residential or open space and detailed setbacks ensuring the safety of our homes and schools.
We are currently remodeling 1500 Coalton (the former Land Rover building) to be a central gathering spot for the entire community. At over 15,000 square feet, this will including library services, meeting rooms, shared co-work space and a cafe.

The programming for this building is critical to ensure and engaged and active community for all.
I support a community approach on many issues and will continue to collaborate with neighboring towns and regional governments to alleviate traffic congestion along the 36 corridor. Of note, I support enhancing the "last mile" challenge by extending the FlexRide program for additional capacity and creating a a bike sharing or an electric scooter program.