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Shady Cove City Mayor

Four forms of city government determine the administrative role of any city council. Most Oregon cities with populations over 2,500 have the council/manager or council/administrator form, in which the council hires a chief executive officer to be responsible for the daily supervision of city affairs. Portland has a commission form of government, where the elected commissioners function collectively as the city council and serve as administrators of city departments. Smaller Oregon cities typically have the mayor/council form, in which the legislative and policy-making body is a popularly elected council.An elective city officer shall be a qualified elector under the state constitution and shall have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office. In this subsection "city" means area inside the city limits at the time of the election or appointment. In addition, a councilor shall have resided in the ward the councilor represents during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office.

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    Shari Tarvin

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What kind of leadership can you bring to the City and the City Council?

What do you see as the city's major needs and goals?

How would you address the needs of the homeless in our community?

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Town Where You Live Shady Cove, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons Shady Cove Mayor - 2 years, Shady Cove Planning Commissioner - 7 years, Shady Cove Budget Committee member - 10 years, Retired finance and accounting manager, Small business owner, High school English teacher.
County Jackson County
It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Shady Cove. During my first term as Mayor, I demonstrated my leadership ability by: - Increasing City revenue through multiple funding sources. - Forming two new citizen-led commissions and one committee - Completing important infrastructure projects (i.e. street paving, park upgrades, flood abatement). - Funding and hiring Code Enforcement Officers in response to citizen requests.

Future challenges include: - Developing a reliable, clean water supply. - Implementing a comprehensive street improvement/maintenance plan. - Developing financial stability for the City. - Implementing a comprehensive emergency management plan. - Revitalization of the business environment and growth of business opportunities. - Preservation and enhancement of our natural resources.
Our small town of Shady Cove has demonstrated a remarkable response to the needs of the people of our community who are unable to meet basic needs. Two community outreach programs (one at the Community Center and the other at a church) have more than doubled their food pantries and community outreach programs since the challenges of the pandemic began. They continue to step up when the need arises whether the request is for food or money to supplement housing and medical needs.
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Town Where You Live Shady Cove, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons Shady Cove Planning Commission; Shady Cove Budget Committee; Shady Cove City Council; U.S. Army (9 yrs)
County Jackson
A leadership that will be fair and honest with the people of the City. To include everyone in the discussions and decisions of the Community. To ensure that all members of the Community are treated with respect and their voices are heard by the Council.
Our Mayor needs to find the balance of the needs of the citizens, the businesses and the wellbeing of the Community. To take the City into the next chapter to where we flourish in the new century, while not forgetting our forefathers.
By encouraging the continuing work of the local services that can provide resources to help those in need to better their future and help them establish a stable footing for their long term success.