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MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL BOARD OF EDUCATION - Full Term - Vote forOneSchool board members in New Jersey are responsible for adopting policies under which the school district operates; overseeing the school district budget; approving the curriculum; hiring and evaluating the superintendent; representing the public during contract negotiations; and serving as a communication link between the community and the school system. Elected school board members receive no compensation and serve three-year terms, unless elected to fill an unexpired term when a vacancy occurs.

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What are the major challenges facing the community/district and how would you propose to address them if elected?

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Education B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University
I believe the greatest challenge our district is facing right now is how to safely and effectively teach students during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times for all of us and it’s very important to find the most successful way to teach remotely. I have spoken to teachers from around the state and the consensus was that the majority of the tools and best practices they learned for remote learning were garnered through their own research, or trial and error in the spring. We need to provide all the district teachers with professional development on the best strategies for hybrid and remote teaching, so that our students receive consistent and effective education during these trying times. We also need to make certain that cleaning and safety procedures are in place to ensure no student or staff member is infected with the virus, putting the greater community at risk as well.
I come from a family of educators and have spent my life in schools and classrooms. From them, I have learned the inner workings of schools, including the interpersonal relationships of members of the school community. I am a strong advocate of the importance of education and deeply believe that every child has the right to an excellent and equitable education.

I studied economics and mathematics at Rutgers University, so I am well equipped to understand the financial aspects and needs of the district. I have worked with children from preschool to 12th grade in various educational roles, and am currently in the process of obtaining my New Jersey teacher certification.
One of the biggest educational problems our country faces is teacher attrition. There is a direct correlation between teacher satisfaction and retention. We want the best educators for our children, but we also want those educators to feel heard and appreciated. When teachers are satisfied with how they are treated by the district, they are much more likely to continue their employment with the district, and their students perform at higher levels. The Matawan- Aberdeen Regional School District (MARSD) is in the top 27% of New Jersey schools. Since NJ is the state with the highest performing schools in the country, MARSD is ranked in the top 16% of schools nationwide. This is not only great for our students but also for the community because a higher ranking positively affects the town’s real estate market. If elected, I will do all I can to ensure that teachers feel valued, because that directly improves our students’ education and our town’s wellbeing.

Over the past few years, MARSD has developed a comprehensive equity team whose goal is to ensure all students are given fair and equal educational opportunities. The team also trains and educates teachers, students, and staff. Throughout this summer, I have been working with the school district I graduated from, to promote a similar program. Matawan’s equity team has produced wonderful results, and if I am elected to the Board of Education, I will ensure that this program and partnership continues to run.