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City of Charlotte Transportation Bonds

“SHALL the order authorizing $102,732,000 of bonds plus interest to provide funds to pay the capital costs of constructing, reconstructing, enlarging, extending and improving certain streets, including streets and roads constituting a part of the State highway system or otherwise the responsibility of the State and including the cost of related studies, streetscape and pedestrian improvements, relocation of utilities, plans and design; acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, widening, extending, paving, milling, resurfacing, grading or improving streets, roads, intersections, parking lots and pedestrian and bicycle paths;acquiring, constructing, reconstructing or improving sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm drainage, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and grade crossings and providing related landscaping, lighting and traffic controls, signals and markers; and the acquisition of land and rights-of-way in land required therefor, and providing that additional taxes may be levied in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds be approved?”

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