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State Representative - 46th District

Kentucky legislative power is vested in a House of Representatives and a Senate, which together form the "General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky."Duties: The Legislature makes the state’s laws, determines the duties and services of government and provides for their execution, and levies taxes and appropriate funds for the support of government operations.The House of Representatives consists of 100 Representatives.Terms: Representatives are elected for two-year terms in even numbered years.Qualifications: At the time of election, a representative must be at least 24 years of age, a citizen of Kentucky, resided in Kentucky for the 2 years preceding the election, and the last year thereof in the county, town or city, for which chosen.

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    Al Gentry

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Campaign Phone (859) 816-9001
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Current Job Kentucky State Representative
I’m running for re-election because I want to build upon the networks and relationships that I’ve developed over my first term so that I can begin making a real difference in the areas I feel are important. I will continue to stand tall protecting and preserving the constitutional rights of the “People” in the government law-making process and encouraging my constituents to get and stay engaged in this process, while advocating for full transparency of the process. I will continue to support and advance legislation that puts people to work, with quality jobs that pay a living wage, properly educates our children, our future workforce, and provides equal opportunity and justice for ALL, regardless of one’s race, age, gender, social class, disability, religious beliefs, political ideology, sexual orientation, or any other “status” or “classification” one may be grouped into and exposed to any form of discrimination.
I will continue to do all I can to encourage my constituents to get engaged in the process, register to vote if they haven’t already, and exercise their right to vote. I attend as many community events as I can in both my own legislative district, and other districts across our county, and walk door-to-door in my district to talk to the people about the importance of engagement, and the power of voting. I also have volunteers in my campaign that assist me in walking door-to-door and make personal phone calls encouraging people to vote. Direct mail, yard sign and social media campaigns are also utilized to help get out the vote.