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State Representative - 31st District

Kentucky legislative power is vested in a House of Representatives and a Senate, which together form the "General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky."Duties: The Legislature makes the state’s laws, determines the duties and services of government and provides for their execution, and levies taxes and appropriate funds for the support of government operations.The House of Representatives consists of 100 Representatives.Terms: Representatives are elected for two-year terms in even numbered years.Qualifications: At the time of election, a representative must be at least 24 years of age, a citizen of Kentucky, resided in Kentucky for the 2 years preceding the election, and the last year thereof in the county, town or city, for which chosen.

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    Josie Raymond

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Campaign Phone (502) 533-4024
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Twitter @raymondforrep
Current Job Student Success Counselor at the University of Louisville
I grew up in my district in a family that sometimes struggled. Thankfully, I was able to rely on things like Medicaid and Pell grants to get a great education and build a strong family of my own. I have dedicated my career to alleviating poverty. I want to serve my neighbors in Frankfort to help ensure that they have the same fair shot I did. I will be a representative who cares deeply about our community and is willing to fight for higher wages, healthcare for all, and access to education from pre-K to college.
I am dismayed that we must be as vigilant as ever in pushing back against efforts to limit voter disenfranchisement, especially people of color and people living in poverty. I will work to increase opportunities for inclusion in the political process through public financing of elections and expanded voting including automatic registration, early voting, restoring of voting rights for felons, and online voting.

In my current race we have engaged thousands of voters through phone calls, texting and knocking over 12,000 doors to ensure that voters know that their vote does matter.