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Howell Township Mayor -- Full term -- vote for oneHowell Township operates under the Council-Manager form of municipal government. The governing body is comprised of the Mayor and the four-member Township Council, whose members are chosen in partisan voting to four-year terms of office on a staggered basis, with elections held in even-numbered years as part of the November general election. Three council seats are up together and two years later there is one council seat and the mayoral seat up for election at the same time.

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    Suzanne M. Brennan

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Campaign phone 732-299-7850
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Campaign Address 59 Camelot Drive Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Education Villanova University, B.A., cum laude Boston College Law School, J.D.
We need real leadership in the Office of Mayor. If elected, I will see beyond any partisan divide and rally the governing body and community to work more collaboratively to achieve our goals. I will work to protect the beautiful, rural character of our town by maintaining the toughest zoning standards to stop large scale development. I will fight to prevent high density housing and oppose COAH policies the Democrats at the state level created. I will personally take the seat on the Planning Board allocated for the mayor, and not delegate that responsibility. We are fortunate to have the finest officers in Howell who keep our town safe and are part of the fabric of our community. We must continue to fully support our police department and EMS services. Local businesses are vital to our community on many levels. To help them on their path back to stability and success from the impact of the pandemic, we need to cut red tape and continue to partner with the Chamber of Commerce and COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force. We need to continue to run the town like a business and find ways to be more efficient in all we do. We need to seek and engage in additional shared services with the County and other communities and use technology to create operational improvements in how we service residents. We need to boost our commercial tax-base responsibly to further help relieve the burden on homeowners. Republican leadership has held the line on spending, and I will join in that efort.
My love for Howell coupled with my volunteer and professional experience will provide me with a strong foundation to be an effective Mayor and leader for our community. I have lived in Howell for 24 years with my husband and three children and have always been involved in my community because it not only is important to me, but I sincerely enjoy working with others toward a common good. Since moving here, I have organized various neighborhood events, helped with multiple fundraisers for local causes, chaired numerous PTA events, and served on the Howell Board of Education Strategic Planning Committee on three separate occasions. I was elected to the Howell Township Board of Education in 2010 and 2013. During my tenure, the BOE and administration worked together to reduce the tax levy by more than a million dollars one year and held the budget flat another year. Currently, I have the privilege and joy of serving as a Trustee for Brookdale Community College.

Professionally, I am a practicing attorney with experience in labor and employment law as well as municipal court matters. I served as the Howell Township Municipal Public Defender, which gave me an important and unique perspective on many serious issues that challenge our community. I have worked hard to develop my skills over the years, learning at every opportunity, I value collaboration and recognize the importance of being prepared, having a plan, and being ready to pivot when circumstances change unexpectedly.
Howell is a highly desirable community to live in, work in, and to raise a family in because we have it all: beautiful parks and open spaces, traditional working farms, the convenience of a bustling business corridor, a wide variety of small businesses, and excellent schools. Balancing these attributes is critical to ensuring Howell residents can enjoy all that they have come to expect and deserve. As discussed above, it is important to hold the line on taxes, enhance public safety, stop unnecessary development and support our small businesses. Each of these plays a critical role in the make-up and management of the community, so I will review and advance policies that address these areas as necessary. I would also accept the opportunity afforded to the Mayor to sit on the Planning Board. The decisions made by the board impact the entire town. Serving as a member is one of the most important responsibilities the Mayor has. I also believe it is important to provide meaningful information to the residents. Too often, a lack of communication creates misunderstandings, confusion and frustration. I will work hard to ensure information is disseminated to the community regularly across multiple platforms and that questions are answered quickly. If elected, I will lead by example, be fully prepared, and will always be personally engaged with the community, as it is an honor and privilege to serve and I sincerely want to understand and represent the interests of the residents.