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Portland Metro Councilor Dist 3

Four forms of city government determine the administrative role of any city council. Most Oregon cities with populations over 2,500 have the council/manager or council/administrator form, in which the council hires a chief executive officer to be responsible for the daily supervision of city affairs. Portland has a commission form of government, where the elected commissioners function collectively as the city council and serve as administrators of city departments. Smaller Oregon cities typically have the mayor/council form, in which the legislative and policy-making body is a popularly elected council.An elective city officer shall be a qualified elector under the state constitution and shall have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office. In this subsection "city" means area inside the city limits at the time of the election or appointment. In addition, a councilor shall have resided in the ward the councilor represents during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office.Please see City Charter.

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    Tom Anderson

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    Gerritt Rosenthal

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What have you learned from the COVID-19 crisis that will inform your decisions and advocacy while serving on the Metro Council?

How will you ensure that the infrastructure promised by Metro’s current transportation measure is adequately funded and supports all residents, including those most in need? If the measure fails, what should be Metro’s first transportation priority?

If funding generated by the 2020 Metro homeless measure is less than expected, how would you recommend that Metro meet goals that the measure laid out, especially given the urgency of current need in the region?

¿Qué ha aprendido usted de la crisis por COVID-19 que informe sus decisiones y su apoyo cuando trabaje en el concejo de Metro?

¿Cómo garantizará que la infraestructura prometida por la propuesta actual de transporte de Metro esté suficientemente financiada y apoye a todas las personas residentes, inclusive a las personas más necesitadas? Si la propuesta fracasa, ¿cuál debería ser la principal prioridad de transporte de Metro?

Si el financiamiento generado por la propuesta para personas sin hogar en el área metropolitana 2020 es menor al esperado, ¿cómo recomendaría que Metro cumpla los objetivos de la propuesta, especialmente debido a la urgencia de la necesidad actual en la región?

Campaign Phone (public) (503) 702-9047
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Town Where You Live Tigard
Your Experience/Qualificatons I am currently a Tigard City Councilor, serving in my fourth year. I have met with and know most of the elected officials in Washington County and should enjoy a good working relationship with them during my time at Metro. Before my time on Council I was on the Tigard Planning Commission for seven years, the last two as President. It was a valuable experience to learn and participate in land use issues that affect our region.
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County Washington
Term 4 years
I have learned that it is nice to have a rainy day fund set aside to get you through tough times. No one could have predicted that our economy would be essentially shut down for 6 months and that our local businesses would be hurting to provide for their employees and families. Having some accessible money to help bridge the gap in the form of loans and grants to small businesses was crucial to those affected. I will remember come budget time that government is meant to serve the community
The Get Moving 2020 measure was carefully crafted to ensure that every area of Metro had some long awaited road improvement project included. Metro will bond off of the predicted tax revenue and should provide a stable funding mechanism for those plans. The projects will be prioritized by need and by degree of planning and readiness. If the measure fails it will be a blow to the SW Corridor Light Rail effort. Metro and Trimet will have to reconsider the project scope and size.
Even though the funding for the affordable housing wrap around services measure may be less than expected this first year due to COVID related delays, it should have enough money to start a robust initial push for services. Part of the infrastructure is already in place as they are partnering with the Counties to identify needs. The programs should be up and running at their peak at about year 3, so we should be out of the financial crisis by then, or at least have a better idea of how to fund.
He aprendido que es bueno tener reservado un fondo para afrontar tiempos difíciles. Nadie hubiera dicho que nuestra economía se pararía durante 6 meses y que nuestras empresas lucharían por atender a sus empleados y familias. Tener algún dinero accesible para salvar la situación en forma de subvenciones a pequeñas empresas fue crucial para los afectados. Recordaré a la hora de hacer el presupuesto que el gobierno está para servir a la comunidad.
La gran iniciativa En Marcha 2020 fue elaborada cuidadosamente para que cada área de Metro tuviera el mismo proyecto de mejoramiento de caminos largamente esperado. Metro enlazará los ingresos fiscales pronosticados y deberá dar un mecanismo de financiamiento estable para esos planes. Los proyectos serán priorizados por necesidad y por grado de planificación y aprestamiento. Si la iniciativa fracasa, será un golpe para el esfuerzo del Riel para Tren Ligero del Corredor sudoeste. Metro y Trimet tendrán que reconsiderar el alcance y tamaño del proyecto.
Aunque el financiamiento para viviendas módicas centrado alrededor de servicios sea menor de lo esperado este primer año debido a los retrasos por la COVID, debe tener suficiente dinero para empezar un fuerte impulso inicial para los servicios. Parte de la infraestructura ya está lista, ya que se están asociando con los condados para identificar las necesidades. Los programas deben estar funcionando en su pico aproximadamente en el tercer año, de modo que para entonces ya deberíamos haber salido de la crisis, o al menos tener una mejor idea de cómo financiarlo.
Campaign Phone (public) (503) 757-5166
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Town Where You Live Rural Washington County
Your Experience/Qualificatons I am a 29 year Tualatin area resident, climate activist, tax fairness advocate, outdoor enthusiast. I have professional experience in natural resource management, land use planning, solid waste management and transportation projects. I have managed large offices and large public and private projects and worked for a regional government similar to Metro. I pledge to fairly represent the 7 cities in District 3 and do not have vested economic interests. I believe in efficient regional government
County Washington
Term 4 years
Communication and coordination, with strategic plans developed based on scientific knowledge, are critical in developing regional strategies to control the virus, to foster economic recovery, and to plan for quality education. Housing needs and the homeless crisis have been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. This will take a comprehensive and regional approach. Most people in our region have a strong sense of common purpose and caring that will inform regional action. I will listen to them.
I have worked on (budgeted and managed) projects with large budgets and also understand how public works projects are conducted. I will be proactive in seeking progress updates and financial accountability from Metro staff. The projects may have to be timed to meet the funding level and flow - as determined by the tax structure. I will prioritize projects that are critical for safety, equity, and job creation. If it fails, Metro will propose an updated measure based on long term regional needs.
There is no simple answer to this and the response depends of the shortfall. I would seek projections from community action partners throughout the region as to their priorities and make sure their implementation plans are consistent. Each community has a different matrix of needs in terms of housing affordability, homelessness, mental health support, and substance intervention. Metro must listen to implementers and fashion a regionally consistent strategy that is matched to the funding,
Comunicación y coordinación, con planes estratégicos desarrollados en base a conocimientos científicos, son críticos para desarrollar estrategias regionales para controlar el virus, promover la recuperación económica, y planificar para una educación de calidad. Las necesidades de vivienda y la crisis de indigencia se han exacerbado por la pandemia de COVID. Esto necesitará un enfoque integral y regional. Mucha gente en nuestra región tiene un fuerte sentido de propósito común y consideración que nos informará sobre las acciones regionales. Yo les escucharé.
He trabajado (presupuestado y manejado) en proyectos con grandes presupuestos y también entiendo cómo se conducen los proyectos de obras públicas. Seré proactivo en buscar actualizaciones sobre los avances y la rendición de cuentas financieras del personal de Metro. Se tendría que cronometrar los proyectos para que cumplan el nivel y el flujo de financiamiento, según lo determinado por la estructura fiscal. Priorizaré proyectos que sean críticos para la seguridad, la equidad, y la creación de empleos. Si falla, Metro propondrá una medida actualizada en base a las necesidades regionales a largo
No hay una respuesta sencilla para esto y la respuesta depende del déficit. Buscaría proyecciones de los socios de acción comunitaria en toda la región respecto a sus prioridades y me aseguraría de que sus planes de implementación sean consistentes. Cada comunidad tiene una matriz de necesidades en términos de asequibilidad de la vivienda, apoyo en salud mental, e intervención de sustancias. Metro debe escuchar a los ejecutores y elaborar una estrategia consistente regionalmente que coincida con el financiamiento.