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Jefferson County, AL Deputy Treasurer

According to the National Association of Counties, the duties of the County Treasurer are as listed below. The duties of the Jefferson County Deputy Treasurer are the same except that the jurisdiction of the office is limited to the Bessemer Cut-off area within Jefferson County, AL. The Jefferson County Deputy Treasurer is responsible for:Receiving and receipting all money due the county from its collecting officers or any other persons whose duty it is to pay money into the county treasuryDisbursing funds in a manner and for purposes as authorized by appropriate law and authorityInvesting, as appropriate, the surplus funds of the county in accordance with county and state laws and regulations and acting as the chief liaison between the county and all of its depository banksInstituting actions in the name of the county against any one who has money that belongs to the county and fails to pay it on demand when it is due and recording of all of these actionsKeeping an accurate and detailed account of all money received and all money disbursed for the countyMaintaining all financial records in the manner prescribed by state law and at a specified period after the close of each fiscal year present a final accounting and settlement of the previous fiscal yearThe Deputy Treasurer of Jefferson County, AL is elected for a four-year term. The jurisdiction of the office is the Bessemer Cut-off Division of Jefferson Co., AL. However, all voters in Jefferson County vote on this office, i.e. voters in both the Birmingham Division and Bessemer Cut-off Division vote on this office.

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    Sherry McClain

  • John Stephens

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How has your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve as Jefferson County Deputy Treasurer?

What do you think is the greatest service the Deputy Treasurer provides to the public?

What do you see as the greatest challenges facing the Deputy Treasurer's office and what steps would you take to solve those challenges?

Cyber security is an ever-increasing threat. What steps would you take to ensure that our financial information is protected?

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It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Deputy Treasurer for the past 8 years! My extensive accounting training and experience have prepared me to efficiently and effectively implement current electronic operations to the office. My professional training and experience has effectively prepared me to efficiently and appropriately handle the taxpayer’s money and consistently perform my duties with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Additionally, I have a proven track record of cooperating and working with other elected officials to ensure efficiency, transparency and honesty.
During my tenure as Jefferson County Deputy Treasurer, this office has consistently provided the citizens of the Jefferson County Cut-off with courteous and efficient customer service. I have always worked tirelessly to provide timely and accurate audits and information to the public. I'm an experienced and dedicated public servant, a good steward of Jefferson County funds while always serving the community.
One of the current challenges facing this office includes dealing with Covid19 and maintaining compliance with the CDC regulations to safeguard everyone’s health. I assure you is that I will address any challenge appropriately and continue to handle taxpayer’s money both transparently and effectively. I am committed and dedicated to serving the people.
I work well with our excellent and prepared IT Department. They consistently work to keep us updated on Cyber Security. I work with our IT Department and review the latest updates and pertinent briefs and information to remain up to date and prepared to ensure that our financial information is protected.
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