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Jefferson County, AL Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor collects data for all areas of Jefferson County, AL outside of the Bessemer Cut-off, and maintains all exemptions and real and personal tax records for this division as per the Code of Alabama. The office records all property changes including ownership, improvements, address change, and the use of a property. Homestead exemptions are renewed annually in this office. This office also maintains the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) maps for the area.The Tax Assessor of Jefferson County, AL is elected for a four-year term.

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    Jonathon O. Barbee

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    Gaynell Hendricks

Biographical Information

How has your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve as Jefferson County Tax Assessor?

What do you think is the greatest service the Tax Assessor provides to the public?

What do you see as the greatest challenges facing the Tax Assessor's office and what steps would you take to solve those challenges?

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing threat. What steps would you take to ensure that our financial information is protected?

I have been a small business owner for over 20 years. I work daily with numbers, taxes, and valuations. I have served on committees, boards, and public positions of trust. I believe in lower taxes for everyone.
To maintain the value of homes and communities and keep Jefferson County a wonderful place to live. I don't believe in massive tax increases or valuations, but I do believe in evaluating homes and business on a fair scale that goes along with local and national scales. However a massive property valuation increase all at once is unfair to the taxpayer.
I see the the greatest challenge being tax increases. There will always be higher home valuations, but to bring them to the property owner all at once, in the same year, is unfair and leaves a burden on the taxpayer.
Cybersecurity is crucial to protecting information. I will make sure we have the latest and best security available on all of our servers. We will work to keep all information about property owners private. I take security seriously.
My training includes Master of Business Administration Rutgers University. Entrepreneur for over 30 years, currently in my 12 year as the Jefferson County Tax Assessor. I am a servant leader, working on behalf of the tax payers of Jefferson County. I've had a very successful 12 years as Tax Assessor, enhanced the visibility and information regarding tax exemptions and benefits to resients.
Fast, reliable service to taxpayers. Constantly looking for legislation to benefit the citizens..
My next challenge is to lobby the State Legislature to allow online tax exemptions for Alabama residents.
We just implemented a new computer system with enhanced security features.