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Ohio Congressional District 6

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    Bill Johnson

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What actions should Congress take to minimize both the economic and health damage caused by the Covid 19 pandemic? What legislation, if any, should Congress consider to ensure future elections are not disrupted by a pandemic?

Some types of non-profit organizations can influence politics via “dark money.” They can receive unlimited donations from corporations, unions, or individuals, that are spent to influence elections. “Dark” refers to the fact that these organizations are not required to disclose the names of their donors, leaving voters “in the dark” about who is making campaign donations through these organizations. What impact do you think “dark money” has on our political system? Would you support legislation that would enable voters to learn the identity of donors to these groups?

Do you think systemic racism exists in the US? If yes, what is the role of the federal government in reducing systemic racism? If no, what needs to be done to change the perception that systemic racism exists?

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Education and Experience BS/MS – Information & Computer Science
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