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Polk County Commissioner Position 1

Qualifications: Candidate must be a US Citizen, a registered voter, a resident of the district for one year prior to election18 or olderTerm: 4 years Salary: Varies by CountyThis is a partisan office unless the County Home Rule Charter deems it nonpartisan.In Event of Vacancy: County governing body appoints qualified person to serve until successor is elected at next regular election.Duties: County Commissioners set policy and adopt budgets for their counties. Counties provide a wide range of important public services.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Daniel Jaffer

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    Lyle Mordhorst

Biographical Information

What do you see as the County's major needs and goals?

What experience have you had that will help you be a good steward of taxpayer dollars?

How would you strengthen the county’s working relationships with surrounding jurisdictions on issues like transportation, policing, social services, and the economy?

Campaign Phone (public) (503) 838-1273
Town Where You Live Rural, south of Indep.
Your Experience/Qualificatons Occupational Background: President, LDWC; Operations Manager, Vertex Aerospace, 2011-2012; U.S. Navy, Officer and Aviator; Combat Rescue and Logistics Helicopter Pilot, 1986-2010. Educational Background: University of Oregon School of Law '97; Oregon State University '85; Chemeketa Community College; Central High School. Prior Governmental Experience: LDWC Board of Directors, 2011-Present; Military Officer, 1986-2010; Oregon State Legislature, Legislative Assistant to Senator Cliff Trow, 1994.
County Polk
Term 4 years
Owing to the current pandemic: Public Health, Behavioral Health, Family Outreach, Developmental Disabilities, housing, homelessness - - providing for and assisting in Public health is a core mission of the county. And we are in the middle of a health situation that is going to be an issue for some time. We need to make sure that the resources are available to assist everyone involved. As we make our way out of this, I would like to see more emphasis on roadway and traffic safety.
I have worked within public budgets most of my career. I do not tolerate waste of resources. I helped head up a $53 million Navy pier expansion project, and finished on-time and under budget. I am currently overseeing a $3.5 million Luckiamute Water District modernization, with the cost to be borne by the membership, including me. It is designed to keep the system viable for another 50 years, and save money at the same time. I live simply, my house is paid off. I will take a 25% pay cut!
The first step is to engage with the other jurisdictions. Let them know that we are here, together, to collaborate and get things done. Transportation and social services are critical issues that cross "jurisdictional" boundaries, and there must be constant contact and sharing of ideas and resources in order to work for solution. I can work with anyone, and I am open to good ideas from anywhere. We don't need to re-invent wheels, if we know how to share the spokes of the wheels that we have.
Campaign Phone (public) (503) 930-0548
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Town Where You Live West Salem
Your Experience/Qualificatons I was appointed as County Commissioner Jan. 2019 and as your commissioner I have been focusing on Public Safety, Public Works, Homeless, our Economy and addressing Covid challenges as they arise. I am honored to serve as Polk County representative on Salem Keizer Area Transportation Study as Vice-Chair, Mid-Willamette Valley Area Commission on Transportation. I also serve on the Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance and the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency.
County Polk County Commissioner Position 1
Term 4 years
Transportation and Infrastructure. I am aggressively addressing safety concerns on our highways and major intersections throughout Polk Co. by working with ODOT in finding new safer designs to resolve sight restrictions, maximize traffic flow and help eliminate congestion. Rural Broadband. We created a map of the areas that either received very poor or no reception and distributed it to our rural providers. We also offered a $1,000,000 to help provide funding to mitigate the problem.
One of my first successes was eliminating the left turn off Doaks Ferry Rd onto Hwy 22 with the use of candlesticks and signage for less than $6,500.00 and four months time. I also chaired the Hwy 22 Safety group with efforts of initiating the current Safety Corridor that now is in place on Hwy 22 from Rickreal east to Red Prairie Rd where traffic accidents had risen over 500%. I am constantly looking at more efficient answers and temporary alternatives to save us money at county and state.
I have a great working relationship with ODOT and we have numerous projects currently underway with open and frank discussions trying to find the safest alternatives, efficiency upgrades and less expensive answers. I just arranged a discussion with Polk Co. Sheriff Garton, Judge Norm Hill, DA Attorney Aaron Felton and City of Salem Police Officer Lieutenant Skip Miller to address the theft issues businesses in the West Salem area are enduring from the homeless camp at Wallace Marine Park.