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Four forms of city government determine the administrative role of any city council. Most Oregon cities with populations over 2,500 have the council/manager or council/administrator form, in which the council hires a chief executive officer to be responsible for the daily supervision of city affairs. Portland has a commission form of government, where the elected commissioners function collectively as the city council and serve as administrators of city departments. Smaller Oregon cities typically have the mayor/council form, in which the legislative and policy-making body is a popularly elected council.An elective city officer shall be a qualified elector under the state constitution and shall have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office. In this subsection "city" means area inside the city limits at the time of the election or appointment. In addition, a councilor shall have resided in the ward the councilor represents during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office.Please see City Charter.

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    Ross Day

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    Dylan Juran

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What kind of leadership can you bring to the City and the City Council?

What do you see as the city's major needs and goals?

How would you address the needs of the homeless in our community?

Campaign Phone (public) (503) 860-6033
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Town Where You Live Keizer
Your Experience/Qualificatons Attorney, Small Business Owner Keizer Planning Commission, Oregon Capital Planning Commission. Associate Attorney at O’Donnell & Clark, LLP Adjunct Instructor, Chemeketa Community College
County Marion
Term Four years
My wife Shelley and I have lived in Keizer for nearly 21 years, it’s where we’ve chosen to live, work and raise our family. I am passionate about our community and committed to ensuring we have a great future. As an attorney, small business owner, and experienced leader, I will represent the citizens of Keizer by running a transparent, efficient local government, supporting local businesses, making smart decisions about transportation and housing, and promoting balanced development.
Economic growth, smart development and safety. We need to support our small businesses and reduce the over-regulation and unnecessary costs that are hounding them. We need to protect and enhance Keizer’s land supply by responsibly growing Keizer’s urban growth boundary and investing in our public spaces. Lastly, we need to work on solving congestion issues. As more people move to Keizer, but work in Salem, the existing north/south corridor is congested and unsafe.
It is never acceptable that citizens and families are without safe shelter or a roof over their head. We need to address some root causes of homelessness like lack of living-wage jobs, economic instability, lack of accessible, adequate mental health and addiction services, and lack of affordable housing for all income levels. We need to broaden collaboration between community-based organizations, local govt, elected officials, and our homeless population to identify needs and find solutions.
Campaign Phone (public) (925) 587-8674
Web Site (leave blank if not applicable)
Town Where You Live Keizer, OR
Your Experience/Qualificatons 5+ years on the Keizer parks advisory board Non-profit founder and chair director Keizer resident for 23 years
County Marion
Term 4 years
As a millennial, I believe it’s time for our generation to speak up and have a voice in our communities. I have a strong background in technology that can be used to help inform policy to help our city become a more future-focused place that serves our community in new and innovative ways. We can be more prepared for incidents like the 2020 pandemic in the future by adopting more technology friendly policies. I will also hear and speak for the youth in our community that are the future of Keizer
Right now I think the biggest topic is the urban growth boundary. Keizer is a town seeing growth, but having trouble with the best way to do that responsibly. Do we grow out, taking some of the farm land to our north? Or do we grow up, looking for ways to bring in more high-density housing? There’s also been a lot of talk about how we as a city can make a public statement of inclusion. The National conversation of equality has also been happening here, and is starting to be taken seriously.
People without homes are not being cared for appropriately with the options that are available. This results in them looking for shelter in our parks, streets, and sidewalks. Simply forcing them to move will not solve the problem; they must be treated like people and given the support they need to make themselves self-sufficient again. I will promote active support for the organizations and policies that will provide results that are effective in the longer-term and respectful of all people.