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Randolph Township Board of Education, unexpired term

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  • Guoqing Fu

  • Yong Wang

Biographical Information

What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your school district and how would you address it/them?

What in your personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

What steps would you take to address the immediate and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on your school district?

Campaign Email
Campaign Address 30 Shongum Rd
Education College
Yrs. of Residence 6 years
Children and Ages 19 and 12 years old
slogan Together For Randolph
The most important challenge in the Randolph school district at this time is the students’ health and safety. That includes both physical and psychological safety. Physical safety in sanitized schools and busses. Psychological safety in understanding students’ needs and addressing them.

The long-term challenges of remote learning that the district will face cannot be underestimated. Learning gaps, social and emotional effects and the transition back to full time classroom learning will be major issues the district will encounter in the near future.
As a health care worker I am passionate about my work because I love what I do. I have a strong motivation to help others which drives me to always do my best. This passion leads me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that help me to do better each day. I would like to apply this to the board of education and apply my skills to address challenging situations. In this time of covid-19, my medical background would be of great benefit to the board and community as a whole.
I would emphasize education and training on COVID-19 and precautions. Build good habits, like washing hands, social distancing and personal hygiene. It is also important to identify the differences between a cold, flu or allergies vs covid so each is treated accordingly. In addition, ensure schools are cleaned and sanitized daily to CDC standards. HVAC systems are properly maintained to allow for good air circulation and filters are changed regularly. Finally, make sure social distancing is enforced on school busses and that the busses are sanitized after every trip.
Campaign Email
Campaign phone 973-262-8200
Campaign Address 30 Shongum Rd
Current elected position None
Education MS of Chemical Engineering at University of Pennsylvania
Qualifications/Experience A lifetime process engineer with technical services, process development, maintenance, and management experiences.
Hometown Where do I live, it is my hometown.
Yrs. of Residence 6 years.
Family I am married and live with my family members.
Children and Ages Two Boys. 19 year old and 12 year old.
slogan Thinking, Creation, Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance are my daily activities.
The challenges after COVID-19 are budget, application of new technologies, academic standard requirements, study attitude training, student health, and the proper parent involvement in schools. I think our school district main operation purpose is to serve our kids, the students. The purpose is to educate the students and let them grow up happily with basic knowledges and skills in our school district. To reach this point, we need efforts from all three parties, the school system, the parents, and the students. Here the school system is composed of the professionals. It is the main power force in educating our kids, the students.  As parents we mainly depend on the school system to educate our kids. The parents are the education requesters, the main budget source (in our school district realities) or the main money suppliers. The students are the hopes and the future of our parents’. They are the people that we, as the parents, work hard for and fight for. Our first important challenge after COVID-19 is always the budget since the budget is always limited. No matter how much we have, it will always not enough because we hope the best for kids so we have to use money wisely.
I have been an equipment maintenance manager and am still a principal process engineer in a local pharmaceutical company for more than 10 years.  I have a BS and a MS degree in chemical engineering.  I have two kids, one is still in Randolph high school and another one is in Randolph middle school.  I am familiar with the school district and familiar with the school system.  My work experiences will help me in serving the school district in evaluating the technologies, in reviewing the maintenance and building projects.  I also as a senior parent, may be able to help the communications between parents and school district, using my own life experiences. 
I will involve in the communication between our people to let all of us understand the different pains of different people with my experiences. I will apply my knowledge to discuss with people in the committee to find out the better solutions for COVID-19 pandemic solutions for our schools. I will listen to people in our community for their needs and feed the voices back to the committee and even reflect the voices to our governments. With the news of the COVID-19 vaccines are available soon, from now to November or to next Summer, before the vaccines are available, we still need to continue our ways of preventing the deadly spreading and to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 devastation. Our key is the whole society has to work together to face our problems. Even if we cannot completely block the spreading of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, at least we need to reduce the social activities and keep social distance and use masks to limit the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic until we can use vaccines to completely wipe out the pandemic. I am glad the above steps (reduce the social activities and keep social distance and use masks) are working and our lives are improving. We will win!