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Ashtabula County Clerk of Courts

Microsoft Word - 2020 Election Voter Guide Info Packet Final.docx4 year term Salary for 2021: $85,218 shared by state and countyResponsibilities: To enter judgments and collect court costs for appellate and common pleas courts, and also to issue and transfer automobile and water craft certificates of title.

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    April Mariotti

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    Tami Pentek

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Why are you running for this position?

What experience qualifies you for the Ashtabula County Clerk of Court position?

What skills or qualities are the most important to serve as Clerk of Courts?

What distinguishes you from your opponent?

How will you work with people having difficulty paying their court costs?

Education AAS in Accounting; BAS in Business Administration: dual concentration in Management and Marketing; AAS in Radiologic Technology
Training and Experience I am a trained and experienced administrator with expertise in efficiency. This requires me to have the ability to organize people appropriately, understand practical financial reporting policies, reduce wasteful activities, automate data, and manage resources wisely.
Campaign Email
I am running for this position because I feel that, if elected, I can use my real world experience to take this office to the next level. There is so much untapped potential for improvement of the functional efficiency and customer perception of the Clerk's office. I use my skills every day to serve my county. Being so involved in the community has provided me with extensive experience fulfilling my calling of being an efficiency expert that manages people, funds, and time successfully. Shortening wait times, streamlining record keeping, and modernizing technology are just a few of the issues the community has asked me to explore and address. Because of my passion for service, I find myself in the unique position of being qualified to change the atmosphere of the overall quality of the customer experience in the Legal Division, Automotive Title Department, Acceptance Passport Facility, and the Immigration and Naturalization of the Ashtabula County Clerk of Courts.
Twenty five years ago, I started working on a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Washington and continued to study digital imaging at Kent State University. As a local business owner of Metal Massage Detailing, for over 16 years, I have attained considerable human resource and customer service experience. At church I use my talents to provide a variety of information technology support. As an elected official, on Jefferson Village Council, I represent the cares and concerns of my community. As the fiscal officer for Ashtabula County Council on Aging I am responsible for administrative duties, as well as, meeting the needs of our senior citizens throughout Ashtabula County. As an X-ray Tech I learned patient care and digital computerized advancements. And as a Notary Public, I have had the honor of helping people execute documents for all sorts of life moments over the past 15 years. What all of these responsibilities have in common is management skills.
Kindness, business savvy, and technological prowess are pivotal skills that I can bring to upgrade and update the office. My idea is to enhance the online presence by increasing access for the public, be it litigants, reporters, attorneys, and judges alike. This allows me to uphold a higher standard of Law and Order by improving the processes that are used for reporting through the Ashtabula County’s court case management system and mind the needs of those using it at the same time. This requires working side by side with and listening to residents though out the county. I am involved with several local clubs and charities around the county, such as, the Ashtabula County Young Republicans, the Ashtabula County Republican Women’s Club, Jefferson Nazarene Bible Study, Cowboy Church, Rustler Ranch, Amber Place Basic Life Skills Training, and Garage Sale Bonanza. From Orwell to Conneaut, Andover to Geneva, it is our responsibility to care for the needs of our customers and save them money.
I am not a politician, I am a public servant. Though my opponent and I each boast having 25 years of experience, mine is not just from the confines of one office. I have real world experience, have gathered new information, and have researched modern techniques for satisfying customers to bring into the office to make it up to date. The Clerk’s office does not just boil down to business management, record keeping, and data entry; it is about people. The people of our community deserve more out of our government. We need more interaction, more communication, more access, and I think what this county needs from its Clerk’s office is a fresh perspective. It is my goal to demonstrate my management skills by improving the customer experience, streamlining record keeping, and expanding the online presence in the office specifically for making an impactful change in the stagnant reputation of the office to serve the people of Ashtabula County better.
In these unprecedented times, it is of utmost importance to help those who are trying to keep up with their responsibilities. I would retain the current payment schedules and add other options on need based application. These would include deferred payment plans and balance payoff discounts.
Training and Experience 1995-Current Office of the Ashtabula County Clerk of Courts, Entry Level Clerk, Assistant Bookkeeper,Bookkeeper,Appointed Chief Deputy Clerk of Courts,Elected Clerk of Courts 1990-1994 Easton Culligan Accounts Receivable/Accounting Clerks 1981-1989 Dairy Mart/Lawsons
The Office of the Clerk of Courts has been my professional career for more than 25 years and I have had the honor and privilege to serve as your Elected Clerk of Courts for the last 8 years. I’m seeking a 3rd term in part because I wish to continue my public service to the citizens of Ashtabula County and I am by far the best qualified - Experience Matters! As the Hub of the Justice & Judicial System and the Auto Title Department, the Electorate deserve & require that a highly competent and experienced professional serve as their Clerk of Courts. The staff & I have accomplished a great deal in the last 8 years from developing an excellent user friendly website featuring E-Pay, E-Forms & Records Search, implementing Electronic Mailing, restoring vital Naturalization documents, financing the purchase of Sheriff Cruisers and completely redesigning the Legal Department for optimum efficiency to list just a few – much has been accomplished and we have great plans for the future!
25 years of progressive responsibility working every day in the office of the Clerk of Courts from File Clerk to Bookkeeper to Chief Deputy then 8 years as your Elected Clerk of Courts. As articulated in the first question and reiterated here: Experience Matters! The Office of the Clerk of Courts is very busy and complex serving as the Hub of the Justice & Judicial system which includes 5 Court of Appeals & 3 Common Pleas Judges, and working closely with the Sheriff and Prosecutor’s office. The Clerk of Courts is also the Administrator of the Ashtabula County Auto Title Department where we process nearly to 40,000 title documents a year and is also a certified U S Passport Acceptance Agency. I have a great deal of institutional knowledge and operational experience with the various computer programs and systems in both departments. As well as experience in Union/Management relations. You must KNOW the Office to GROW the Office.
First and foremost, Experience and with that you develop the specific leadership and management skills to deal with the staff, internal users like the Sheriff & Prosecutors office and most importantly, the General Public. A Clerk of Courts must be highly skilled yet empathetic to the needs of the Staff and open to new ideas and motivated to always improve. I am here every day working for you to assure the Justice & Judicial system and the Auto Title department perform at the highest level – Experience Matters! And more specific to the question, to effectively serve as an Elected Official, I believe you should have strong ties to the community as it poses relevant life and family experience to reinforce the awesome responsibility of managing 16 employees and all that is incumbent to the Office of the Clerk of Courts.
I am a lifelong resident of Ashtabula County and was raised in New Lyme Twp. I have been married for 40 years, have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. 25 plus years of progressive experience working every day in the Office – 8 of which as your Clerk of Courts. I believe my responses to the first 3 questions have sufficiently emphasized how important it is to have an expert working knowledge of the Office of the Clerk of Courts before seeking election to said Office – Experience Matters and in that context, I have a thorough understanding of the Ohio Rules of Superintendence, experienced in Collective Bargaining negotiations from both sides of the table and as a member of the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association, County Data, Records Retention & Jail Needs Assessment Boards. I efficiently manage a nearly 1-million-dollar budget between (2) departments and have annually financed the purchase of Sheriff Cruisers for the past eight years! Experience Matters!
Having been the Bookkeeper before being appointed Chief Deputy then elected Clerk Courts, I was the lead in converting the manual accounting system to the Court View Computer System and it was then that I developed an emphatic and compassionate court cost collection/billing program understanding that in most instances, the realities creating the court cost has already levied a financial burden on the parties at hand and thus I work closely with all involved to determine a fair but manageable court cost payment plan. Quite often, once the parties get back on their feet, they often will pay the remaining balance early. However, if a court cost is not paid and no good faith attempt is made, I will contact the Ohio Attorney General with whom I have partnered with to pursue collection – at no cost to the County.