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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

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Occupation President of Contract manufacturing business; CFO and purchasing; firearms manufacturer and dealer.
Education Associates degree in Commercial Art, Casper College; paralegal and banking, real estate, oil and gas industry royalty auditor
Current Public Office, dates held Board of Trustees Kimball Health Services; including Office of Secretary; August 2014 - Present
Volunteer experience Member and active fundraising activities in and for Plains Historical Society, Kimball Rotary Club (President 2016-18), Kimball Lions Club (Secretary 2015-Present), Frontier Navy-Support Operations, Marine Corps League
Address 314 S. Burg St. P. O. Box 564 Kimball, NE 69145
Marital Status Married
Age 59
As a small business owner in Kimball, I would use my experience to actively promote the economic benefits of the community, both to new and existing businesses, while also sharing the family values and safety our town affords. Kimball enjoys a great economic climate for all types of business, especially those in the manufacturing sector. We have low housing costs and enjoy low overhead business costs. We have many grant and loan programs available. Manufacturing, tech companies, marketing firms, light and heavy industrial types of businesses and the like are well suited to Kimball and should be actively pursued. Bringing in new businesses involves the assistance of city government offices and existing enterprises in the community, which are vital resources for business owners looking to start-up a new venture, and for established ones to expand or move from other locations. As I business owner, I understand the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by small business owners.
The top priority in any extreme weather event is the safety of the residents. Our weather alert systems must be maintained to adequately communicate conditions that pose a threat and then give direction on providing effective safety measures. Our first responders must be supported sufficiently to provide emergency services necessary, our linemen need adequate equipment to keep electricity flowing, and our street department must be given the resources needed to keep the streets cleared. City council needs to recognize and anticipate the needs of these departments and budget appropriately. I will actively participate in the budget process and work with department heads and the Board of Public Works to assure these departments have adequate funding and necessary equipment, while also being a good steward of the City finances and working to keep our cash reserves growing for the future.
1. Economic development: This is key to the survival of Kimball. I will use my experience as a business owner to encourage and promote new and existing businesses, which in turn will stimulate growth, add revenue to the City budget, and spread the tax base, allowing business owners to lower their overhead and families to enjoy a lower cost of living. 2. Transparency and governmental accessibility: I will be accessible to the public and promote transparency from within along with communication between the Council and the public. I will encourage public participation in the governmental processes, listen to ideas and needs of the residents, and assist in implementation as warranted. 3. Financial stability: I will be an active participant in the budget process and work with all departments to understand the needs of each. I will work to maintain the financial stability of the City and will listen and advocate for decisions that affect the welfare of its residents.
The biggest challenge in our community is growth and the ability to encourage and sustain change. For our town to survive, we must grow and prosper. To grow we must have economic development. We need new business. Wal-Mart and Target are not coming to Kimball, but small manufacturers can and they will bring families and employees. They will buy homes and buildings for their businesses. They will patronize our retail businesses and spend their money here. They will do as many other businesses have done and bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the economy. I will use my personal and business experience to encourage and promote economic development working with other members of the Council and our Economic Development director to bring in those businesses. We will need a strong council to work with these businesses to ensure their success and I stand ready and willing to tackle the job.

Occupation Health Care, Organization Development and Science Teacher
Education Bachelor of Science; Master of Science
Volunteer experience When I returned to this area, I became involved in the community— from being in the hand chime choir, to educating children, to working collaboratively with artists to begin a Western Nebraska Community Arts Guild, to attending city council meetings.
Community growth in small rural areas can be a challenge. Traditional businesses may need help to rebuild in the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a critical time for the City of Kimball to take a good look at what the future holds and develop an action plan that includes supporting traditional businesses post COVID-19. For example, businesses may need assistance with assessing the financial damage and revamping their budget. They may need help developing a second business plan while creating a contingency plan for the next crisis. At the same time, the US is witnessing the rise of entrepreneurs. Carefully considering the needs of self-employed entrepreneurs, Kimball could provide an amazing place for these entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. To encourage business growth in Kimball, we have to be ready to partner with large and small companies, think about how to translate entrepreneurism, and put the right measures in place to gauge our success.
Kimball county’s Nebraska Local Emergency Operations Plan dated November 7, 2017, establishes the standardized policies, plans, guidelines and procedures that will allow all our emergency resources, governmental and non-governmental, to collectively manage and coordinate the preparation, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation functions. Most important is taking care of our vulnerable citizens and each other.
TRANSPARENCY I believe it is important that Kimball invests your taxes wisely. Kimball City Council is responsible for making smart and informed choices with your tax dollars, and it should be easy to see where your money is being spent. More transparency means more accountability. RESULTS Like many rural towns, Kimball has complex problems to solve— from infrastructure to housing. But if we stay focused on needed outcomes and find better ways to work together, leveraging our unique experiences and skills, we can deliver results for the entire community. Delivering results means staying focused on the process and the outcomes. It means being relentless on forward movement. GROWTH To ensure Kimball’s growth, we must honor what has come before and then build on those successes. This means new services and initiatives for both residents and for businesses. We forge ahead, together, with new ideas and programs that develop, sustain, and revitalize our community.
No city can go it alone. The Mayor and council members have to work effectively with a number of people and groups to successfully help Kimball thrive. These groups include citizens/voters, community organizations, the press, county government, other governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and many more. Part of working together is identifying how we can do more by leveraging each group’s unique ideas and skills. There are numerous opportunities to work collaboratively with businesses, the healthcare system, and the educational institutes. Leveraging each group’s skills and working collaboratively stretches the dollar, expands and improves services. For example, we need to work together to nurture our schools for our community needs. Although challenging, collaboration is worth the effort. Imagine how much more we can achieve in 2021 if we plan together, work together, and celebrate together.