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Initiated Measure 26

Initiated Measure 26Title: An initiated measure to legalize marijuana for medical use. Vote ‘Yes’ to adopt the initiated measure.Vote ‘No’ to leave SD law as it is now.This measure legalizes medical use of marijuana by qualifying patients, including minors. "Medical use" includes the use, delivery, manufacture-and for State residents, cultivation-of marijuana and marijuana-based products to treat or alleviate debilitating medical conditions certified by the patients' practitioners. Practitioners are defined as a physician who is licensed with authority to prescribe drugs to humans. This measure includes edible cannabis products, beverages, topical products, ointments, oils, and tinctures.South Dakota patients must obtain a registration card from the State Department of Health. Non-residents may use out-of-state registration cards. Patients may designate qualified caregivers, who are at least 21 years of age and have not committed a felony violent crime, to assist their use of marijuana; the caregivers must qualify and register with the Department of Health.The measure legalizes marijuana testing, manufacturing, and cultivation facilities, as well as marijuana dispensaries. These establishments must register with the Department of Health. The measure legalizes some substances that are considered felony controlled substances under current State law. Marijuana remains illegal under Federal law. The measure limits State and local law enforcement's ability to assist Federal law enforcement authorities. The measure contains numerous other provisions not described here. It will likely require judicial or legislative clarification.Find the full wording of the ballot initiative as well as more information at this link:

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure