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Waverly School Board, Ward 2

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    Robin Kappler

  • Nora Lenz

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How can your school district improve its use of technology, including broadband access, to foster better equity and educational outcomes?

What can be done to ensure the safety of students and teachers in your school?

As a school board member, how do you best advocate for your district's teachers and students in preparing students for the 21st century job market?

Occupation I am an Associate Professor of Nursing/RN at Bryan College of Health Sciences
Education Diploma of Nursing-Bryan School of Nursing, Bachelor's Degree in Nursing-Nebraska Wesleyan, Masters of Science in Nursing-College of St. Mary, Doctor of Education-College of St. Mary
Current Public Office, dates held I was appointed to the District 145 Board of Education to represent Ward 2 in 2018.
Volunteer experience Lancaster County LOSS Team (Local outreach to suicide survivors), Volunteer at Christ Lincoln Church youth ministries, Volunteer with Waverly Heat Softball, Volunteer with Alvo-Eagle Rec
Address 20201 N. Stable Drive Eagle, Nebraska 68347
Marital Status I am married to Brady Kappler. He works for BASF.
Age 51
In March, we started Strategic Planning as a District. One of the goals that was identified by that group was the continued use of technology including access. Opportunities such as streamlining the District 145 website, consistent communication strategies, and student use of technology were identified as opportunities for growth. I am excited for the strategic planning process to continue to really specify not only needs, but how we can operationalize a plan to meet the short and long term goals that will be identified as part of this process. District 145 did purchase Chromebooks prior to the start of the school year to allow for each student to have 1:1 device availability. This allows for expansion of interaction between teachers and students to take place. I recognize that there might not be equal broadband access, but the leadership of District 145, including the Board of Education remains dedicated to identifying options to make access equitable.
Security and safety is an ongoing discussion and priority for District 145. Recently, upgrades were made to the security system at the middle school . Security features such as locked entry, cameras, lighting and a School Resource Officer are all currently in place throughout the District and evaluated regularly. Students and teachers are asked to routinely practice fire drills, and other emergency action plans that address other potential security issues such as armed intruder and weather disasters. Safety in terms of students arriving and leaving school is also an ongoing priority. Crosstown bussing, crosswalk safety, and promoting a culture of safety inside and outside of the buildings is constantly being assessed and evaluated by building administration, the Board of Education, and community members of District 145. I will continue to advocate for district wide safety measures to ensure that we are aligned with current best practices to keep our Viking community safe.
This is a great question! Providing strategies that accommodate students' needs of today while addressing skills for jobs that may not even exist is a definite challenge. We must ensure that we are innovative and intentional in our approach to developing and maintaining “21st century skills”. We can benefit from using our past to plan our future by evaluating what has worked as well as opportunities for continued growth. Offering a curriculum that is diverse and expansive to accommodate the college bound student and/or student entering the workforce is essential. I feel that the current District leadership has done an outstanding job with this. Current freshman have a different graduation plan this year, with the goal of maximum college and/or career readiness. I will continue to work with and listen to all stakeholders, including but not limited to, teachers, administrative, students, family support systems, and staff. We truly are only as strong as the team that we are on.
Education Chadron State College Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education - Middle School Endorsement University of Nebraska - Spanish endorsement Doane College (University) Master of Education - Educational Leadership
Volunteer experience Girls Scouts Youth Sports Youth after school activities
Address 809 Lakeview Dr., Eagle, NE 68347
Marital Status Married
Age 60
Technology is an ever-changing factor, daily it has issues, yet to improve use of technology a school district must improve it availabilities to internet access. These factors must be considered if a school district plans to provide a meaningful on-line base education: is the newest broadband in place. Be proactive with how the Broadband is affected in different ways, how close to your devices does the service provider brings the fiber and how the service provider configures the service, including the amount of bandwidth used. Equity is a problem for school districts, in the area of having enough devices for each student, can students access the work once they are home. A district must know their population. The educational outcome of a student is up to all stakeholder
To ensure the safety of students and teachers, schools but be aware of who enters the building and who leaves the building. This can be done with secure doors, identification badges for students and teachers. All must be vigilant to ensure the success of these practices. Again, know the students and the community.
Education is the most valuable gift you can give a child. The best teachers are needed for this miracle to happen. I call it a miracle because it happens so quickly with the right before our eyes. Without the best teachers and resources so much can be lost for the student. So, we have to ask ourselves. How do we want this child to finish their education? Keeping that end goal can help guide to the right education for all students. All educators know that they are preparing students for jobs that are not yet created. Hence education must be broad and it must be practical.