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City of Columbus, City Council, Ward 3

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    Scott Ackman

  • Ron Schilling

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

Occupation Project Manager / Inside Sales
Education Scotus Central Catholic - Class of 2007 Univ. of Nebraska (Lincoln) - Class of 2011
Current Public Office, dates held N/A
Past Public Office, dates held N/A
Military experience N/A
Volunteer experience Knights of Columbus Columbus Softball Association Board
Address 4926 Tallgrass Place Columbus, NE 68601
Marital Status Married
Age 32
I believe that our city needs to focus more on saving money during these troubling times. We have recently taken on some great public projects such as a new fire station and a new police station. I would like to see us pay those down a little more before embarking on any more large projects.
Since we have just recently experienced some major weather events I think we are better prepared for what nature can throw at us. Improvements have been make to the levy along the South edge of town. With that taken care of I think our top priority needs to be building some sort of rainy day fund to help take care of citizens should another event occur.
1. Affordable Housing 2. Balancing our Spending 3. Continuing to bring talented young people into our community
Affordable Housing is definitely the biggest concern of our community. I think we need to address it one housing project at a time, but I believe a big first step is taking a harder look at the qualifications for using TIF Funding for housing projects. Recently we have seen housing projects utilize TIF Funding only to have prices of the homes fall outside of what most would consider affordable. More needs to be done up front to make sure that projects that are undertaken will indeed fall within a certain affordable price range when it comes time for a family to move in. Building upper class homes with government funding is unacceptable.
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