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Lorain County Prosecutor

County Prosecutor Term - 4yrsResponsibilities: To investigate and prosecute crimes committed within the county, to defend the county in court, and to give legal advice to county agencies and townships.

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    Robert J. Gargasz

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    J. D. Tomlinson

Biographical Information

1. What would be your three top priorities if elected Lorain County Prosecutor?

2. What recommendations do you have to improve operations in the Prosecutor's office?

Age 61
Education University of Toledo, 1980 Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law , 1982
Training and Experience Practicing Attorney at Law since 1983. Rated Highly in both legal ability and ethical standards (Martindale Hubbell). Former Lorain City Assistant Prosecutor. Former Attorney for Lorain Port Authority. Civil Rights Advocate
Additional Information I am a Christian, Conservative patriot who believes in free market American capitalism.
Achieve perfect and suited justice in each case handled by my elected office.

Create a case communication protocol keeping police officers and victims informed in real time. Timely processing of prosecutions with an emphasis on higher standards of sentencing and restitution tracking/monitoring.

Leadership, greater integrity, ambitiously moving to eradicate corruption and make public accountability and fiscal responsibility an attribute of improved government.

Improve operations in the LC Prosecutor’s office. Implementation of my above list and stated goals at:

To consider the interests of the state while maintaining Constitutional Rights and freedoms of Lorain County’s citizens. Our Constitutional Republic requires a strong advocate and leader who is not afraid of public criticism, without concern for how it might affect political relationships. I am the experienced candidate capable of doing the job.

We need our community to create a better place for our children and grandchildren to thrive in.

The Prosecutor's office needs to go from a reactive to a proactive mode.
Age 39
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Oberlin College in 2003. Graduated from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 2006.
Training and Experience Private Practice of Law; Continuing Legal Education.
My three top priorities if elected Lorain County Prosecutor are:

1. Crime prevention and the enforcement of the law; 2. Maintaining good communication with, and serving the government officials, boards, and agencies that I represent; and, 3. Outreach to the public to familiarize the community and community organizations with the role of, and the services offered by, the county prosecutor’s office.
To improve operations in the county prosecutor’s office, I will place an emphasis on regular meetings with the legal divisions of the office and with staff to resolve issues regarding employee problems, duties, and protocols.