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Lorain County Commissioner (1/3/2021)

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    David J Moore

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    Sharon Sweda

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1. Given the failures of levies for public transit, what new ideas do you have for improving or promoting public transit in the underserved and rural areas of Lorain County?

2. What would be your three top priorities if elected Lorain County Commissioner?

Age 58
Education Bachelors of Business Administration University of Michigan
Training and Experience County Commissioner from 2001-2005. Kept spending under inflation saving millions of tax payers dollars. Bipartisan projects that won national awards. Kept our police funded properly. Created training and best hiring practices for 911.
Additional Information over 30 years of financial experience with 350 employees in 28 states in over $1.3B in sales
The board of commissioners missteps in handling the county budget (imposing 3 tax increases) and the entire county not needing transit, are the reasons the levy always fails. We correct the first issue by changing the administration which requires replacing the two current commissioners and by switching to a regional (county) transit system. The communities that are willing to invest in transit will have their own levy and this will allow them to develop routes that are needed for their residents. The county will act as a partner and create connecting routes for the communities involved. As the need and desire for transit grows other communities can join and create the routes they need. Working together we will finally have a transit system that meets needs for the communities.
Fiscal Responsibility: A one party controlled board has imposed taxes three times in 12 years. The last one against the wishes of 73% of Lorain county voters who voted down the sales tax. I will eliminate the wasteful spending, not raise taxes and maintain county services. Fix 911: Having three shutdowns to 911 in 10 months is unacceptable. The current board doesn't understand technology and compared the 911 system shut down as cable going out in your home. I will drive projects to eliminate shutdowns. The County Road patrol: I will not DEFUND the police and the deputies will no longer be used as political pawns! With current crime and drug issues on the rise we need more deputies not less.
Age 67
Education Marion L Steele High School and LCCC / Phi Theta Kappa
Training and Experience Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker 30 yrs Licensed Title Insurance Agent 13 yrs OAR State Education Committee Chair, OH.Broker of the Year 1999, President of CABOR 1998 / LOCAR 1999, Owner / founder Sweda, Sweda & Assoc. and Am.Patriot Title
Additional Information Lifelong resident. Successful businesswoman. Created jobs and facilitated investment in the county.
Prior to becoming a county commissioner, I was involved in public transit groups and forums due to my passion to provide quality of life for those who are in our under-served and rural areas facing unmet transportation needs.Through my work and participation, I have come to recognize that this is a problem with many moving parts, but starts and ends with the awareness that there are options aside from the traditional "bus route". Solving the need will require: *Collaboration - to utilize services and maximize funding. Shared and matched grants. *First mile / Last mile architecture (one-off pickups rather than bus route expansion) *Implementation of technology *Data collection As a commissioner, I have increased communication and support from the county and promise to remain committed.
The first priority is to support our county's families by expanding programs to solve food needs. My campaign team and I volunteer weekly at the food bank. As commissioner, I have been diligent in obtaining grant and CARES funds to allocate to our food banks. Childhood development is hindered, adult productivity and health is impacted by food insecurity.

My second priority is to continue the work I have done to retain and attract good-paying jobs to the county. This is obviously where transportation needs combine with the goal so that we can prove to employers that we have a ready workforce.

Third, I feel that elected officials are "called" to be present - to attend and participate in all of the work of the county and combat addiction. I will continue to listen, learn and be present.