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Lorain County Commissioner (1/2/2021)

County Commissioner Term - 4 yrsResponsibilities: To exercise financial control of County expenditures; to authorize public works; to purchase land and buildings; to vet contracts; to plan and administer welfare. The Board of County Commissioners also appoints other officials to operate various departments.

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    Michelle Hung

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    Lori Kokoski

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1. Given the failures of levies for public transit, what new ideas do you have for improving or promoting public transit in the underserved and rural areas of Lorain County?

2. What would be your three top priorities if elected Lorain County Commissioner?

Age 50
Education Tri-C West Campus, Kent State University
Training and Experience Sales, Finance, Inventory Manager - 12 years, Motorcars Honda. In my 3rd year of a 4 year term on City Council At-Large, N. Ridgeville.
The solution by the current Board of Commissioners is to throw money at an issue and have everyone pay for it. They did it in 2016 by imposing a tax increase after the voters rejected it. We need to replace the two current Commissioners. By electing Hung & Moore to the Board of Commissioners, we will create a regional transit system. This will allow Lorain County communities that want transit to create the routes that work best for their residents. Thus creating a partnership between the communities and our County. It will take both Hung and Moore to end the wasteful spending by the current Commissioners.
Unlike the current Commissioner that stated three times during her election and re-election campaigns that she would not impose a tax increase, only to impose three tax increases after she won her elections. I will bring fiscal responsibility back to the County while maintaining services; all without a sales tax increase. I will not defund the Sheriff's department; we need our Deputies. I understand the critical importance of law and order and a properly staffed Sheriff's Department. I will not use our dedicated employees at the Sheriff's Dept as a threat to defund, as the Commissioners have done in the past. Lorain County 911 is too important to have 3 major shutdowns in 10 months. Hung & Moore will be real leaders that can end the blame game, find solutions, and finally fix the problems.
Age 55
Education Graduated from Marion L. Steele Amherst/ Lorain County Joint Vocational School-Oberlin/ Lorain County Community College/ Lorain Business College
Training and Experience I have served as Commissioner since 2005. From 2000 to 2005 I was elected as the 8th Ward Council Representative in the city of Lorain. I was a Realtor & performed sales reviews. I worked in both Registration and Human Resources at Mercy Hospital.
The only way we can truly improve the transit system is with a dedicated funding stream. Most systems have either a sales tax or a property tax. For every dollar we put into Transit we get matching dollars from the federal government. Because the taxpayers have not supported initiatives involving Transit we are losing out on those federal dollars. We do not get matching money from the fare box so we have had to think bigger than ridership. We have been able to provide free rides for Veterans by Veteran Services buying advertising and matching that money. We are appreciative of the city of Oberlin who contracts with us to provide additional service for their residents. We need more communities to partner with the Transit system so we can continue to match what they bring to the table.
1.I will continue to support effective solutions to help addicts and their families who are in need of resources. The drug epidemic is still a critical issue facing our community. I have been working with many treatment providers with the goal of a crisis stabilization center for both addiction and mental health. 2.I want to continue the relationships I have made with many of the leaders in the cities, Villages and Townships to work on infrastructure needs in order to bring in new jobs and future growth to the county. We have a very exciting announcement of 200-400 new jobs in our county because of the partnerships of multi-government agencies. When we work together we can accomplish great things. 3.Rebuilding our county from the devastating effects the virus had on our economy.