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U.S. Representative Salary - $174,000 Term - 2 yrsResponsibilities: To represent the people of Ohio, their district, and the United States in dealing with matters of national and international importance. The general welfare should be a prime concern.

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1. Given our experience with Covid-19, what precautions would you put in place to allow for safe, secure elections when in-person voting is hazardous or difficult for a large number of people? Include how you would fund any necessary precautions and changes.

2. Describe what you have done to work across political differences to solve problems.

3. What solutions do you propose to address challenges, especially inequities, in the healthcare system?

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Age 38
Education Associate of Science - Information Technology and Networking
Twitter @LapeforOhio
I think people wearing masks, social distancing, and washing their hands is plenty of safety. I like Ohio Secretary of State's use of curb side voting for those that may need it. The primary election was a nightmare. You don't shut down polling locations on the 11th hour the day before an election. We will be safe, we will be orderly, and we will have the opportunity to cast our vote in person.
I used to think I was a Republican. Then I realized I didn't agree with their Principles. I found the Libertarian Party best matches how I feel a free country should operate. A Libertarian can appeal to both Republican and Democratic voters. With a Libertarian candidate, Republicans get fiscal responsibility and protection of the second amendment. With a Libertarian candidate, Democrats get civil liberties like ending civil asset forfeiture, ending mandatory minimum sentencing, ending no knock warrants, ending the war on drugs, and ending qualified immunity. Republican and Democratic candidates have caused the current state of our country. They use specific issues to divide and conquer the mass population. Libertarians run for office to give voters an option to vote out career politicians.
Inequities in the healthcare system exist because of Government involvement. Government regulation is the cause of additional red tape and reporting requirements that drive up healthcare costs. We need Government removed from both the Healthcare and Insurance industries.

I mention the insurance industry as we need to open insurance market across state lines to promote competition. Competition will lead to better pricing and coverage for the consumer. We also need to address Social Security by offering an Opt-out option. This way everyone can keep more of what they earn. Social Security funds have been misappropriated for far too long. It is time to give the people back control of their own retirement plans and allow them to invest in the private market.
Age 64
Education The Ohio State University, B.S. Education
Training and Experience Commissions Chair, Ohio Office of Budget and Management, Jul 2015 - Jan 2019 Vice President and Treasurer, Lorain County Community College, Jan 2011 - June 2014 Chief Financial Officer, Ohio Depart. of Administrative Services, March 2007 - Jan 2011
The spread of COVID-19 continues unabated in the absence of consistent federal planning and policy. After months of Trump/Republican wishful thinking and confusing messaging, the country still lacks the robust testing and tracking program and coordinated resource distribution that would better manage the disease. Federal funds targeted to assuring protective equipment in polling locations for both workers and voters, secure early voting opportunities (including in person and ballot drop boxes), and a fully funded and efficient postal system would reassure voters that their votes will be counted. Such efforts are not only opposed by Trump and enabling Republicans but actively undermined. We can assure safe and secure elections consistent with local control but supported by federal funds.
My entire career in state government involved working with members of both political parties. The best example is my role as a Executive Director of the Ohio Administrative Study Council, a year-long project to reform Ohio’s Medicaid program. I worked with both legislative caucuses, Council members representing both parties as well as all interested constituencies to develop a plan for establishing and organizing a new Cabinet level agency. The plan, delivered on time, under budget, and with the unanimous support of all members, became the basis for the creation of an independent Ohio Department of Medicaid in 2012.
The first step is to turn back Republican efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act, including the protection of equitable coverage for those with preexisting conditions and continuing coverage for adult children up to the age of 27. Next, we must continue to work to contain cost and expand access; two specific examples are to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices directly and to create a public option - - free from for-profit incentives - - under the ACA. The disparities that exist in the health care system should be recognized and addressed by assuring access to providers in underserved areas (rural and urban). Policies that support the social determinants of health (such as disparities in housing, education, and access to healthy food and activity) must be pursued as well.