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The non-paid board of supervisors meets monthly to establish local soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of the district. The Board chairs work groups to address these priorities through the installation and implementation of best management practices that protect and improve the natural resources within the district. The work is accomplished by partnering with local, state and federal agencies; businesses; and non-profit organizations for technical and financial assistance. . The Division of Soil and Water Conservation administers ACSP, AgWRAP and CCAP, and holds each local board of supervisors accountable to these state programs. Each district is governed by a five-member board of supervisors. Three supervisors are elected on the general ballot as non-partisan candidates during the regular election of county officers, and two are appointed by the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission upon recommendation of the local district board of supervisors.

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What do you see as the job of the Soil & Water Supervisors? (700 characters max)

What experience do you bring that makes (will make) you an effective Soil & Water Supervisor? (700 characters max)

What are the most pressing needs facing the District right now and how do you propose to address them? (700 characters max)

What is the most effective service/program the District provides currently for your county? (700 characters max)

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Position/philosophy statement We need to manage our natural resources for the benefit of all today and to preserve them for future generations.
The Soil & Water Supervisors play an important role for the County. They help distribute needed funds and assist with important conservation policies. Protecting the community’s natural resources in a way that permits ongoing sustainable development for all is a critical objective.
In my career, I have been a practicing biologist, a lawyer, and a property developer in Dare County. All of this experience will be useful background for a seat on the District Board of Supervisors. I understand the science and the law and appreciate the challenges that Dare County faces politically and economically. I promise to listen to all citizens to make sure that our natural resources are available for all for generations to come.
Climate change is the most important issue for any natural resource agency. It is critical to understand how the earth is changing and how we can adapt. On the political side, the issue is always money. How can we deploy limited resources in ways that are most effective. I plan to use my background as a scientist, lawyer and developer to promote sensible conservation practices that benefit the entire community.
The district implements many important state and federal conservation and assistance programs.
Age (optional) 68
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Position/philosophy statement Dare County should have the protection of all our water resources as a #1 priority. Our special environment makes our economy work for everyone.
To carry out the state-mandated purposes of the Soil & Water District by providing funding for projects that help protect the soil and water resources in our county. We do not have much agriculture in this county so our focus should be more on water quality. Public outreach is also an important function of the District. The 5th Grade Book Mark contest engages our youth to think about the importance of being a responsible steward of our waters. Cooperation with other federal, state and local agencies and groups furthers that message on many levels.
I have served on the Dare County Soil & Water Board of Supervisors since 2014 when I was appointed to a vacant seat. I was on the ballot in 2016 and elected. Currently serving as chair, I was able to step in during the five-month period when we didn't have a staff person to keep current projects and deadlines met. I have been a resident of Hatteras Village since 1982 and have seen the dramatic changes in the county since then. Working with the Friends of Hatteras Island, I helped to protect the potable water resource for the villages of Hatteras to Avon and the unique maritime forest, Buxton Woods. I have also served on the Outer Banks Scenic Byway Committee since 2003.
I believe the current mission statement of the District says it all. "It is our mission to be a leader in the conservation of Dare County's soil and water. We collaborate, educate, fund and provide technical assistance to protect these resources from degradation and to enhance our wetlands, habitats, fisheries, farmlands and private properties." Our most pressing need is to champion innovative ways to address and treat storm water runoff into our important watersheds. We need to be proactive to this issue as well as how to deal with approaching climate change and sea level rise. Taking the long view is a step in the right direction.
Currently the District is able to provide funding through the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) to individuals, schools, townships or other interested parties through an application process. We strive to increase the funding available to us to be able to have more of an impact in the community.
Age (optional) 61
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Position/philosophy statement Looking forward to helping Dare County keep our environment clean, healthy and prosperous.
Mitigating the damage caused by flooding and erosion. Helping people in that process through various programs and grants. Protecting the waters of the Outer Banks so they will be a clean, healthy vacation destination as well as a prosperous industry for the county. Working in union with other board members to solve issues needed in the county.
I was the owner operator of an insurance agency for 35 years and dealt with many government agencies in that capacity; including FEMA. I also dealt with the public in various devastating situations. I have extensive experience in dealing with problems and coming up with solutions amicable to all parties. Being retired I have the time to put into this position and I look forward to meeting new people to get the things most needed for the county and community.
Flooding and flood mitigation is a major issue in Dare county that needs to be addressed in a way that doesn't damage the environment or the residence/business of the county. Utilizing the Community Conservation Assistance Program as well as the Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program and the Agriculture Cost-Share Assistance Program is a good way to not only mitigate flooding and erosion, but to minimize damaging water runoff into our waterways. On the Outer Banks water is a way of life. We need to keep the water inviting and where it belongs.
Money from programs like the Community Conservation Assistance Program as well as the Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program and the Agriculture Cost-Share Assistance Program is a major step in getting and keeping water and soil where it belongs and keeping our waterways clean, as well as prosperous.