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NC Superior Court Judge District 03B Seat 2

The NC Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in North Carolina. It hears all felony cases and certain misdemeanor cases. In civil matters, superior courts hear civil disputes involving amounts over $25,000. Judges are elected for 8 year terms. Legislation in 2017 changed these elections to partisan elections with no primary. The Superior Courts are divided into 8 divisions and further into 50 districts. There are 97 regular Superior Court judges under current state law, in addition to "special judges" who are appointed by the Governor, not elected. Judges rotate from district to district within their division every six months in order to avoid the danger of corruption or favoritism.

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    Brenda C. George

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Contact Phone (252) 497-2505
Position/philosophy statement Justice and fairness lie at the heart of our legal system. And those standards must apply equally to all.
The people of this district need a judge of my proven ability and experience who has a history of being fair and impartial, who stands apart from politics, and who is committed to our country’s bedrock principle of equal justice under law for every American citizen. My broad knowledge of the law, along with my unwavering commitment to the values enshrined in our Constitution, makes me the ideal candidate to be a Superior Court Judge.
My career as a legislative lawyer has uniquely prepared me to be a Superior Court Judge. I have worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of this state to aid our elected officials in writing the very laws that are at the heart of every case that comes before the court. I have the proven ability to perform the kind of reasoned, objective, and unbiased legal analysis that is key not only to the legislative process, but to informed and fair judicial decision-making.
Our goal must be to achieve a system of justice that is accessible to all and treats all persons equally.
I will take seriously the responsibility to administer justice fairly and ensure equal justice under law, and to make our courts the best they can be to serve our community.