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The non-paid board of supervisors meets monthly to establish local soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of the district. The Board chairs work groups to address these priorities through the installation and implementation of best management practices that protect and improve the natural resources within the district. The work is accomplished by partnering with local, state and federal agencies; businesses; and non-profit organizations for technical and financial assistance. . The Division of Soil and Water Conservation administers ACSP, AgWRAP and CCAP, and holds each local board of supervisors accountable to these state programs. Each district is governed by a five-member board of supervisors. Three supervisors are elected on the general ballot as non-partisan candidates during the regular election of county officers, and two are appointed by the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission upon recommendation of the local district board of supervisors.

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  • Robert Van Fletcher, Jr.

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    Kevin E. May, Jr.

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What do you see as the job of the Soil & Water Supervisors? (700 characters max)

What experience do you bring that makes (will make) you an effective Soil & Water Supervisor? (700 characters max)

What are the most pressing needs facing the District right now and how do you propose to address them? (700 characters max)

What is the most effective service/program the District provides currently for your county? (700 characters max)

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Age (optional) 42
Contact Phone (704) 350-5171
Position/philosophy statement Devoted to public service – Those elected serve the citizenry, not the other way around.
Our shared natural resources - our waterways, our green spaces - are inherently finite resources. Some may see undeveloped natural areas and want to develop them with "a purpose." However, that view really is one of re-purposing natural areas - By default the "purposes" of these areas serve environmental needs and local ecosystems. Once undeveloped areas become developed, restoring their original and efficient purpose should development fade, is fraught with problems.

The role of the Soil & Water Supervisors is to shepherd the responsible stewardship of our community's shared natural resources so that we all may have lasting benefits of such.
I have near 20 yrs. experience, mostly in the public sector, with zoning/land development regulation. I hold certifications (zoning, code enforcement) in NC and FL. I am a municipal planner working on a rewrite of land development ordinances into an inaugural unified development ordinance (UDO). While I shepherd a section on subdivision, streets, and infrastructure, I'm also involved in the natural resources section (comprised of floodplain, storm water, trees, and watershed topics).

I have held public service roles in NC (Rowan Co. Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Kannapolis Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - past Chair) and in FL (on a parks, recreation, and beaches advisory board).
Our region has become a mid-South economic engine. That economic growth has fueled development. That development has fueled sprawl from more urbanized areas into more rural areas. Unchecked sprawl has the potential to "grab" finite undeveloped areas, develop them, and impact our local environments and ecosystems far more than some may think.

If elected, I would like the District to explore pursuing as many conservation easements as is it can to preserve, as appropriate, undeveloped property.
Public engagement through educational and outreach efforts.

To be of best service to the public, the public must: 1) be aware of the District, 2) be aware of the purview of the District, 3) be aware of how the District can be of service, and 4) be a partner with the District in collaborative efforts to achieve common goals.

The leverage of a strong District/public collaboration does not start without strong public engagement first.
Age (optional) 66
Contact Phone (704) 796-5993
email address
Position/philosophy statement To protect our soils and water and to enhance agricultural practices
To help implement programs for agricultural and urban conservation practices
Full time farmer, currently serve as Soil & Water Supervisor in Cabarrus County
Protecting farms through conservation easements Helping to educate farmers on options to protect their land for generations to come
Water quality programs Conservation easements